Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Allow me at this point to make vague hand waving in the direction of Karen Scott and Mrs Giggles blogs -- and in lieu of saying anything myself ask a few questions. Answer any that you want to :)

1) Are you sick of blog drama? Or do you just tune out when it gets either too melodramatic or too repetitive to be entertaining anymore? For example, I have given up commenting on the RWA because not only does everyone (who cares) know what I think, no one really does care because frankly it doesn't matter. If you have seen one anti-RWA hissy fit you have seen them all and it isn't going to bother the RWA behemoth one whit. If all the rest gets too much I just have a latte, visit DailyPuppy and go to my happy place. (You?)

2) Does romance becoming more things to more (kinky) people make it less of what it once was to most people? Can romance be all things to all people if some-slash-most (?) people have a basic moral objection to some of those things (and people)? And do you care? (Does caring only about niche readers mean one will only ever be a niche writer?)

3) Do you still think that putting romance and erotica together is the best thing since ... whatever you thought was the last great thing? (And what was that?)

4) Read any good books lately? (Written any good books lately?)

5) There is no five.


Anonymous said...

1-Yes I'm tired of blog drama.

2--All the anxiety over genre is a bit ridiculous to me. I don't want to believe that genre trumps story (even if it's true).

3--I'm confused by the assumption erotica hasn't always gone with romance. My grandmother read some very, very racy romances. Stuff that still makes me blush (yeah, I snuck them). Maybe I'm just young and ignorant, but it never occurred to me there were romances that weren't dirty (there was a HQN line...crap, now I'm blanking on it, but man, it was so hot). Of course, I know there are (the regular HQN Romance line didn't have any sex at all and man, were THOSE boring. I was always pissed when Grandma ordered those instead of the Presents, or the Supers, or the Intriques...).

4--I'm in the middle of writing papers for all my classes. I haven't read any good anything lately. But Vivien and I are about to finish a gay historical romance which we think is pretty awesome.

5--There is no spoon.

Imp said...

1) What blog drama?

2) There are four questions here!
a) Only to the holier-than-thou
b) Why would anyone want romance to be all things to all people?
c) Only as affects my ability to publish -- and sell -- my work
d) Nope

3) From a business standpoint, it makes sense. From an artistic one? Not so much. Gets folks' knickers in a twist, though. That's always fun. (And the "last great thing" was wireless Internet.)

4) Yes. The Hours. Yes. Double Header. *grin*

5) S'okay. You made up for it with a quadruple #2. (Sounds painful, doesn't it?)

Anonymous said...

1) omfg I spent some 2 days arguing with my CP over this shit. *washes eyes with soap* I'm done.

2)I'm pretty sure I'm a niche writer. *shrug* what can you do.

3)Wireless internet was the last great thing? Damn. I'm still loving it here. I could blog from my bathroom...not that I have. yet.
Next great thing? God knows, but it's likely something I won't be writing. Inspies (again) maybe.

4)Reading a few good ebooks. Buying more soon. Writing...I've made lists. The WIPs are sitting in their folders waiting for me to get to them.

Erastes said...

1) Yes. I used to comment on RWA, and Dear Author but as you say, no-one was remotely interessted in having a sensible disussion and was more interested in flaming. At least I have polite people in my LJ and Blog. It's all the same-old-same-old over and over again, nothing changes, no-one cares and it wastes time I could be writing in.

2) I think it depends, there will always be writers who escalate their hotness quotient with each book - i saw a lot of this in fandom, things got kinkier and kinkier there. I'd be happy for a breather in the endless vampire and shifters to be honest.

3) Yes

4) Yes - i voted on this and No. Sadly.

5) *pokes it*

Anonymous said...

As "not a blogger or writer" I will admit that I like a good blog drama.. I just tend to lose interest fast (because I am a fickle bitch) and it has to actually BE a drama (the latest brouhaha on Dear Author about an author publicly wondering why someone is picky really isn't a drama in my book.)Nor was the KS is twincest romance, frankly romance is in the eye of the beholder, if you asked my hubby, a guy and his classic car book could be a romance.(truly, HEA,drama, angst, its all there )

I will probably be stoned for this, but what I require in a book is a great! story.. The sex or lack of it doesn't make a difference to me. I will admit that while I used to buy a lot of erotica, that lately if its just a kinky story I have in mind, I don't bother paying for it. Fan fiction or literotica fills that void.. So writing a book for hotness factor alone is not going to rope me in as a reader.

3. I think romance is a big umbrella and frankly erotic romance can include things I don't care for. Hell, it includes virgin widows and a ton of sheiks just itchin to get him some western mistress, and I don't care for those books either.

4. I have read several. Magic Bites by Iona Andrews was great and reignited my love of a good paranormal.
Someone reccomended "Simple Jess" by Pamela Morsi and that reignited my love for a good "old school" romance where the love story doesn't hinge on a chapter 2 sex scene. It promptly made me go back to my bookshelves and pull out some of my old favorites.
I have been doing a lot of rereads also, getting ready for a blizzard of books coming in Janurary. The new Patricia Briggs, Wen Spencer,Carrie Vaughn..

Anonymous said...

1. Blog drama? What blog drama? ;-) Seriously, I guess there does come a point when a person needs to bow out of a conversation. I try to do that before things get bloody. LOL. What fascinates me most is how these threads morph into something far removed from the original post.

2. I've watched the romance genre evolve and change over the course of my lifetime, and I don't think it's going to stop any time soon. But here's an opinion I have that might make a good blog topic...I think Erotic Romance is a genre unto itself...or should be. That might satisfy the romance novelist "purists" and allow readers to know exactly what they're getting.

3. See my answer to number 2. ;-)

4. Yes...I'm editing one, now. :-)

Katrina Strauss said...

I found my weary way here courtesy of the latest "But, but, that's not romance!" wankfest elsewhere. I've figured out the underlying essence of the debate: How dare we weirdoes walk in and challenge existing ideas of 'safe'? Which is exactly what I'll continue doing. Cheryl, if you are reading this, I've never met you and haven't read your work (yet) but please know that you have another ally. ;)

Teddy Pig said...

No Spoon Here! Hey everyone!

Nothing better than kinky romance thank you very much.

I try not to think of the RWA as anything but an occasional punch line. Quickly followed by my old How many Romantic Times Reviews does it take to screw in a light bulb?

veinglory said...

Only one but they'll feel dirty afterwards and only give you 2 stars?

Anonymous said...



Jennifer McKenzie said...

1. What blog drama? *Ducks as Rowan throws things at me*

2. I don't know. I'm still trying to figure all that out.

3. I think there are different types of romance and Erotic Romance is one of the different types. Erotica is something different. But I could be wrong.

4. I've read a ton of good things lately.

5. I'm laughing at Pepper since I just finished watching The Matrix again. And I just have to say we're all here to do what we're supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

1. I love to read blog-drama and silently snicker to myself, but I never get involved. I am way too spiky and would rather put all that energy down on paper. Occaisionally I will post my opinions on such things like censorship on my own blog. It’s like a purge for me and no one reads my amazon blog anyway, so I get no drama of own. I guess that’s good, or not.
2. Romance is merely a sub-genre of literary fiction in my opinion, and within that there are other micro-genres such as erotica, paranormal … etc. I never actually have a particular reader in mind, I just write the story how I feel it, knowing there are others that share my particular tastes.
3. I don’t generally like erotica for erotica’s sake, what I call poke and jab. Romance is of course optional. But what I really want in romance and erotica and also in any literary work, for that matter, is the psychology behind what the characters choose to do. Call it my need to understand the greater depths of human sexuality. Why do we dream and fantasize the things we do? That’s what I want from erotica or anything. And I want a story, a real human story.
4. I read so much, I am surprised I am not blind yet: Anais Nin’s Little Birds. Albert Camus’ The Stranger, Georges Bataille’s Blue of Noon, and Paul Hoffman’s Wisdom of Crocodiles … among others.
5. I think the Internet is the last great thing. It has really closed the chasm, enabling likeminded people to find each other and connect no matter what the distance and time zone. It has it’s issues, but all in all, who can argue with the benefits.

And thanks Katrina, I am always popping in and out of this blog. It’s nice to have an ally. I just got a good review from mrsgiggles and also breenibooks.blogspot for my first book Kissing Room, and it has some very disturbing, though not graphic, sexual aspects: rape and torture. Breenibooks will be doing a review of my January release as well and asked for copies of all my other works … so hopefully, more readers will come my way. The horror one I am working on now for 2009 release is going to be my most brutal, sexually speaking. But you gotta write how it needs to be written, otherwise you lose the impact. And isn’t that what literature or art in general is about: Impact.

Emma Petersen said...

Too tired to answer the rest but I will answer #4. I just read three fanfriggintastic books in various stages of completion. A Vamp Ménage with two Alpha male vamps. OMG it was HAWT! An erotic Romance set in Greece, I really wanna go to Greece now. And a professor/student erotica that was...whew!

As for writing stuff myself, I'm proud of my upcoming December release. I'm kind of nervous of how it will be received. I haven't read too many ER's with wax play so I'm hoping people don't get up in arms. Le sigh. But if they do they do. Can't stop them anymore than I can stop the rain. :D

Amanda Young said...

1. I don't pay much attention to it, honestly. I love getting up on my soapbox every now and then, but I just don't have the time or stomach for a lot of drama.

2. I don't think you can define romance as any one thing. Different strokes, for different folks, and all that. What I hate are the close-minded people who lay out the rules of what they "think" romance should be and then label everything else as erotica. As long a book includes a love story, it's a romance to me.

3. I think it was a fabulous idea to combine them. Love and sex go hand in hand, don't they?

4. Too many to list, really. My editor is going to beat me if I don't quit reading and start getting some work done. :)