Monday, November 05, 2007

Some thoughts about Affaire de Coeur magazine

Light Sword Publishing
* 3 pages of advertising
* 6.5 pages of content (3 being an article that is clearly self-promotional, aimed at authors not readers and available for free on their website)
* 1.5 pages of book review space

Medallion Press
* 2.5 pages of advertising
* 2.5 pages of book review space

* 0.25 pages of advertising
* 0.75 pages of book review space

* 0.25 pages of advertising
* 0.75 pages of book review space

Torquere Press
* 1 page of advertising.

Number of other small press's with books reviewed. 1: Obsidian Publishing, also 1 self-published book.

My point? I'm not sure. Perhaps that advertisers should buy ad space. Readers should 'buy' the other content by having it aimed squarely at their interests. 26 pages of large press book reviews, fine. 10 pages puffing the advertisers wares... not so fine. If you buy ads you can apparently also write the magazine's content and get your small press books reviewed. So if you want only large press book reviews at least half the magazine will be of interest to you. The rest seems to be almost entirely at the pleasure of the advertisers.

I know a few of you decided to give AdC a go recently. I don't see a resubscription in my future, do you?

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Tempest Knight said...

I've never read it before. Now I know I won't.