Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stock, Horror!: a challenge--veinglory

Stock photographers are like the ebook writers of photography. They toil away valiantly, saving our covers from bad Poser for not nearly enough money. And they have the same issues with illegal distribution but are less able to detect it because photos can easily be made anonymous. So my first point is, when looking for photos to use on your books, blog and promo materials--please check that they are free to use, or pay the photographer! (Okay, you caught me, I dabble in stock photography myself).

I do think though, that some of the more profitable publishers could splash out and pay a little more. Stock photos are cheap because their use is non-exclusive. So they tend to pop up over and over. So my challenge is, can we find the most over-used stock photo in erotic romance? If you have a cover that you think looks overly familiar send me a link and we'll see how many clones can be found. One point for every small press use found, two points for large presses and, bonus points of it was highly modified and so harder to find. Anyone who comes up with a good example can have a cover spot on the blog :)

Just to get you started here is one example :):


Imp said...

This is the one I've seen the most:


Teddy Pig said...



Patricia Michelle ~ Anticipation

Torquere Press
B.A. Tortuga ~ Old Town New

Teddy Pig said...



Ellora's Cave
Elliot Mabeuse ~ A Game of Dress-Up

Kate Davies ~ Challenging Carter

Liquid Silver
Rose Middleton ~ Until Now

Phaze Books said...

Thanks for the PR.


JMS Books LLC said...

This one here is pretty popular.

Secret Lovers by Cassie Stevens
My Sun and Stars by L.E. Bryce

I've seen it somewhere else but can't remember where.

bettie said...

I swear I've seen this couple with a blanket tons of places. These three are the first I could find.
1) The Collector 5: The Crystal Flacon at Loose Id
2) Your Alibi at Liquid Silver.
3) Mid Summer Night's Steam: Spontaneous at Samhain Publishing.
"Stock Horror" happened to me, too, but I liked my cover too much to care:
Like a Thief in the Night by Bettie Sharpe at Samhain
Sahara's Retaliation by Jade James at Cobblestone.

Teddy Pig said...

They should call it overstocked covers.

Page Smith said...

There's a short series of photos at iStock with the same male and female models together. Once you recognize them, you see them crop up. Just a couple of examples:

An Unkindness of Ravens by Sahara Kelly

Roll Play by Rowan West

I don't actually have a problem with photos getting multiple use. Poser covers are so diabolically bad that I would much rather see some good photos used a few times rather than the truly ugly option.

And since cover artists aren't paid well, I certainly can't blame them.

Jules Jones said...

I'm sure I've seen your example on at least one other cover as well. Probably because it *is* a really nice photo...