Thursday, November 15, 2007

This *is* the Real Me--veinglory

I was reading a paper today that referred to the use of a pen name as 'anonymity'. I have to say, I don't see it that way--more like alter-nymity.

Emily Veinglory isn't a mask, it is my name. Sure I have another name I use to do my taxes and list in the phone book. But is the me that does taxes more real than the me that writes books? Is the me that answers email less real than the me that goes to my mailbox?

I am Emily Veinglory. I chose Veinglory specifically to suit me with the allusion to blood, and the male member--and with the aside to my hubris in thinking other people might pay for my stories and my eternal joy and amazement that they do.

Emily Veinglory writes books, goes to conventions and is on the internet. She is the me that is not worried about what my family, my neighbors and my employers might think about what I do. Emily Veinglory is me, dancing as if no one is watching. Emily Veinglory is the me a reader gets a glimpse of in every book I write. A different, vivid aspect of me no less authentic than my other name and other activities.

Who is more real: the ego or the super ego, the reporter or Superman, the mind or the soul? As a writer I am totally nonymous. It is just a name of my own choosing.

This is me.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. People have known me online as Pepper for seven years now. My best friends know me as Pepper. Hell, I'll answer to Pepper IRL. It's a major part of my self-identity. Espinoza is my husband's last name--I didn't take his name when we got married. I think one could argue that I'm in no way anonymous.

Jules Jones said...

And there are pragmatic reasons for a pseud that have nothing to do with anonymity. In my case, the existence of a well-known (in the UK) writer of the same name...

Imp said...

I believe when my kids are grown, I'll change my legal name TO Alessia Brio. *nods* I like her better.

Anonymous said...

Angelia Sparrow is offbeat enough everyone thinks it's fake. That was the result of my pen-name poll, anyway.

It's not.

Of course, it means I get carded or asked "no, your real name" at every SCA event and SF convention.

I have answered to Angel more than half my life, tho', so that's the more informal persona.