Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's New?--veinglory

A new review website: Manic Readers. I tried to read the review but the two I clicked went to a page saying: "To access the Member's Only area enter your user name and password." I rather hope that will change when the site officially opens.

A new epublisher, Dragon Spell, apparently cold-emailing authors for submissions. (Because nothing spells success like overt desperation?). "Welcome to Dragon Spell...where reality and fantasy collide." (From Merriam Webster: to come together with solid or direct impact )

Another epublisher, Circle Dark, with a mission of revolution. "Why only e-books?: To be perfectly honest, it’s because we’re poor, and e-books are cheaper." (I am filled with confidence).

The romance divas forum is down, there is an interim yahoogroup.


Anonymous said...

I know the folks behind Circle Dark. Part of that is humor, part of it is truth. They do have day jobs, and this is just starting up.

They spent the last year squirreling away bits of their own paychecks so they could pay the authors of Twilight and Thorns. We were paid the Monday of the week it came out.

My Nikolai, their next release, is a royalty item. I don't expect the first check on that until March.

They do plan on going print, eventually.

All that said, check out Twilight and Thorns.

veinglory said...

I might do that. ...Or someone could send me a review copy ;)

Hmmm. Was that too shameless?

Anonymous said...

They have day me a TON of confidence that the company will be run as a company should be run.......

They spent the last year squirreling away bits of their own paychecks so they could pay the authors....ditto, a TON of confidence...NOT. They are using their personal cash to run a company? A LOOMING DISASTER!!!!!!!

One of the owners (Heidi Something or Other) is supposedly a multi-published author with various e-pubs? Really? Googling her name turns up nothing no titles whatsoever.

All confidence-builders...good luck to all the authors who get suckered into this mess-waiting-to-happen.

Anonymous said...

So, anonymous:
saving the seed money, working nights and weekends to bring a dream to fruition, and taking a small business full time only whe it is turning enough of a profit to replace a day job is doing it wrong?
I thought that was not only the American Entrepreneurial Dream, but also how the vast majority of small businesses got going.

As for a review copy, the official word is:
"If anyone has asked for a review copy, please have them send their contact information to Have them include their credentials and a link to their site."

It's not romance or erotica. It's a mixed bag of speculative fiction.
(However, I will make sure you get a copy of Nikolai next month)

Anonymous said...

I'm the Owner of Manic Readers and I believe you clicked the "Add Your Comments" link, which requires registered users. Clicking the book cover would have taken you to the review. However, we are still fine-tuning the site before our official go-live so we've added a Read Review link in addition to the clickable book cover.


Anonymous said...

For the one questioning H.E. McVay's status as a published author, go to, and either search by author, H.E. McVay, or look for her books, Avatar's Awakening and Scion's Rebirth.

Just because she isn't Google famous, doesn't mean she isn't out there.