Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 EPPIE Finalists

Congrats to you all.

Edited to add: category K will be corrected and updated soon to reflect the withdrawal of 'A Hidden Passion'.

Category A - Action/Adventure

Murder By Proxy
Robert L. Hecker
Hard Shell Word Factory

Until Death Do Us Part: Book 2 of the Incognito Series
Karen Wiesner
Whiskey Creek Press

Category B - Children/YA

Grizzelda Gorilla
K. D. Huxman
Dragonfly Publishing/Imprint – Kittycat Books

Attack of the Killer Prom Dresses
Donna McClaire
Calderwood Books/Imprint -Calderwood Kids

Category C - Contemporary Romance

Perfectly Good Nanny
Paty Jager
The Wild Rose Press

Thin Ice
Liana Laverentz
The Wild Rose Press

Cover Me
Sharona Nelson
Amber Quill Press

Bride Of The Emerald Isle
Trish Wylie
Harlequin Romance

Category D – Erotica

Coming Together: For the Cure
Alessia Brio (Editor)
Mundania Press/Imprint - Phaze Books

Woman of the Mountain
Angela Caperton
eXtasy Books

One To Grow On
Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press

Category E - Erotic Romance Contemp/Suspense/Mystery

Play Hard
Barrie Abalard
Amber Quill Press

Denise A. Agnew
Ellora’s Cave

Fortune Cookies
Dee Dawning
eXtasy Books

Tea for Three
Anne Douglas
Loose Id

Rhiannon Neeley
Whispers Publishing

Love My Way
Bridget Midway
Loose Id

Too Good To Be True
Marie Nicole Ryan
Samhain Publishing

Mr. Fullservice
Ruby Storm
Ellora’s Cave

Craving Candy
N. J. Walters
Ellora’s Cave

Category F - Erotic Romance Historical Fiction

The Ice Princess
Cheryl A. Cornell
Cobblestone Press

The Sanctity of Marriage
Philippa Grey-Gerou
Liquid Silver Books

Scandalous Profession
Elaine Lowe
Ellora’s Cave

Let Me Love You
Mary Wine
Samhain Publishing

Category G - Erotic Romance Fantasy/Paranormal

Blue Moon Magic 4: Night of the Blue Moon
Lynn Crain
Loose Id

Love's Alcemy
Ciar Cullen
Loose Id

The Knight's Challenge
Summer Devon
Samhain Publishing

Love Me Wild
Renee Field
Ellora’s Cave

Rated X-mas: Spiritual Noelle
Jet Mykles
Loose Id

Cemetery Dancer
K. Z. Snow
Ellora’s Cave

New Year's Kiss
Tielle St. Clare
Ellora’s Cave

Supernatural Bonds: Sophie's Dragon
Jory Strong
Ellora’s Cave

The Witch Stone
Brenda Williamson
Whiskey Creek Press

Category H - Erotic Romance Science Fiction/Futuristic

The Ta'e'sha Chronicles I: Daughters of Terra
Theolyn Boese
Loose Id

Hara's Legacy
Bianca D'Arc
Samhain Publishing

Triple X
Amelia June
eXtasy Books

Hothouse Orchid
Vashti Valant
Ellora’s Cave

Category I – Fantasy

A Time To…

Carol Hightshoe, Lee Martindale, Michele Acker, Kayelle Allen, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Elizabeth Barrette, J. Michael Matuszewicz,Tracie McBride, M.H. Bonham, Marve Dasef, Ashley Arnold, Ken Goldman
Wolfsinger Publications

Wolves on the West Side
Michelle L. Levigne
Mundania Press

North Star
Pier Giorgio Pacifici
Calderwood Books

Category J - Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

A Knight's Wish
Linda Andrews
Zumaya Publications

Lori Devoti
Silhouette Books

Renee Field
Ellora’s Cave/Imprint - Cerridwen Press

Michelle L. Levigne
Amber Quill Press

Category K – GLBT

Jenna Jones
Torquere Press Publishers

Olivia Lorenz
Torquere Press Publishers

A Hidden Passion [edited to add: Oh dear]
Lucia Logan
Dreamspinner Press

Finding Jason
Lyndi Lamont
Amber Quill Press

Persistence of Memory
J. M. Snyder
Amber Quill Press

Category L- Historical and Western

Black Crossing
C. K. Crigger
Amber Quill Press

The Hyghcock Chronicles
E. Michael Fisher
Whiskey Creek Press

Korinna: Daughters of Fire
Kristina O'Donnelly
Books for a Buck

J. E. Toombs
Treble Heart Books/Imprint – Sundowners

Category M - Historical Romance

His Majesty, The Prince of Toads
Delle Jacobs
Awe-Struck eBooks

Have Christmas Card…Will Travel
Susanne Marie Knight
Unical Press

By The Sword
Alison Stuart
Wings ePress

Highland Magic
Christine Young
Awe-Struck eBooks

Category N – Horror

Shadows in the Heart:
A Jewels of the Quill Halloween Anthology
Margaret L. Carter, Christine DeSmet, Carrie S. Masek,Jane Toombs, Karen Wiesner, C.J. Winters, Karen Woods
Whiskey Creek Press

L. B. Milano
Mundania Press

Weep Not for the Vampire
William A. Veselik
Mundania Press

Category O - Inspirational Fiction

Hope: An Inspirational Anthology
Barri Bryan, Mary Eason, Loretta Jackson, Giovanna Lagana, Linda L. Lattimer, Janet Mills, Kathleen O'Connor, Steven Douglas Womack
Whiskey Creek Press

Meagan's Chance
L. C. Monroe
Samhain Publishing

Adopting Alyssa
Denise Patrick
Grace Publishing

Category P – Mystery

Herbert Holeman

Liz Jasper
Ellora’s Cave/Imprint - Cerridwen Press

The Falling Down Man
James M. Lally
Calderwood Books

A Shadow In The Night
Kenneth L. Levinson
Unical Press

Judgment Fire
Marilyn Meredith
Mundania Press

Moon Over Chicago
J. D. Webb
Wings ePress


Category Q - Nonfiction: General

Category R - Nonfiction: Self Help

Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume 1
Michele Acker, Jeanne Allen, Piers Anthony, Milena Benini, Orson Scott Card, Carol Hightshoe, Ian Irvine, Dave A. Law,Wil Mccarthy, Michael Mcrae, Tina Morgan, Bob Nailor, Darin Park, Kim Richards, Simon Rose, Bud Sparhawk
Dragon Moon Press

Self-Promotion for Authors
Larry Moniz
MA Publishing

A Place Called the Bla-Bla Café
Sandy Ross
SLR Productions

Category S – Poetry

The Swing
C. S. Fuqua
Unical Press

Phaze in Verse
Kally Jo Surbeck, Will Belegon, Aurora Black, Kara Fey, James Buchanan, N (Nelli Rees), Michelle Houston, Eden Bradley, Sapphire Phelan, Alessia Brio, Charlotte Boyett-Compo, Missy Lyons, Dahlia Rose, Jenna Allen, Victoria Blisse, Kathryn Lively, Brenna Lyons, Sarah Winn
Mundania Press/Imprint – Phaze Books

Category T - Romantic Suspense

Carol Ann Erhardt
The Wild Rose Press

Bed of Lies
Pam Champagne
Samhain Publishing

Liquid Hypnosis
Tina LaVon
The Wild Rose Press

Seeing Things
Jana Richards
Unical Press

Departed Acts
Katherine Smith
Tigress Press

A Killer's Agenda
Anita Whiting
Samhain Publishing

Your Saving Grace
J L Wilson
Ellora’s Cave/Imprint - Cerridwen Press

Category U - Science Fiction

Twisted Tales II: Time on Our Hands Volume 1
J. Richard Jacobs
Double Dragon Publishing

Twisted Tales II: Time on Our Hands Volume 2
J. Richard Jacobs
Double Dragon Publishing

Hoven Quest
Michelle L. Levigne
Writers Exchange e-Publishing

Category V - Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance

Devil's Due
Rhobin Courtright
Wings ePress

A Noble Sacrifice
Ciara Gold
Champagne Books

Imogen Howson
Drollerie Press

Category W - Single Title/Mainstream

Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume III:
A Jewels of the Quill Anthology
Christine DeSmet, Liz Hunter, Nancy Pirri, Jane Toombs, Cassie Walder, Karen Wiesner, C.J. Winters
Whiskey Creek Press

Road Kill Art and Other Oddities
Niles Reddick
Whiskey Creek Press

And the Truth Will Set You Free
Linda Rettstatt
Wings ePress


Teddy Pig said...


veinglory said...

I can't say I entered, or that I run and and buy the winners. But I do find it interesting to see which publishers pop up in the categories. And the EPPIES are an event in the epublishing year for some... if only as a reflection of the tatses of the EPPIE judges.

Teddy Pig said...

I just think it shows a real lack of the organization to get any valid the participation of the real movers and shakers in the ePub world.

Mostly the lack of writer participation shows the flaws in their setup because they seem to be more of a cheer leading squad for any and all ePubs.

If the writers felt they provided anything of real consequence there would be more participation.

Unfortunately I know more eBook writers involved with the RWA than EPIC. Which I find amusing.

Elisa said...

I have only a doubt from two of the LGBT titles to choose my favourite... and I don't say what two :-) Elisa

Jules Jones said...

Well, my score is entered once, finalled once. (And with a gay romance entered in the "erotic with paranormal elements" category, back before they had the separate GLBT category.)

Didn't see any evidence of any effect on my sales figures, and that ultimately is what I'm interested in when it comes to spending $30 per book in entry fees. Given that my finalist's certificate had both my name and the book's title spelt wrongly, I'm not even inclined to frame and display it. It was a very pleasing egoboo to make the finals, but I don't need to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Way to make a first-time finalist feel good LOL

I take it as a good review. I was looking for an org to join that wasn't RWA. Can't say I've found the right one for me.

Anne D said...

Well, this first time finalist has had a smile on her face most of the day courtesy of an email early this morning. I was going to make a comment about pissing in my wheaties, but I thought that might be a bit author behaving badly'ish.

What is a lack of writer participation may I ask? ( I count 605 entrants) And who are these movers and shakers? Are they supposed to be submitting or judging?

And no, I'm not jumping on the defend EPIC bandwagon, I'm a member but definitely not rabid. I barely say boo.

Elisa said...

I notice that even if Jenna Jones, Olivia Lorenz, Lucia Logan, Lyndi Lamont, J.M. Snyder are enlisted under the LGBT category, Anne Douglas, Philippa Grey-Gerou and Theolyn Boese's titles have strong M/M elements in it and Ruby Storm and Mary Wine have written or will write M/M romance in the future... the genre is spreading out of its category? Cause for me it's a wrong category. How can you put in the same category Jenna Jones' title, a contemporary Queer as Folk style, Olivia Lorenz's title, an historical drama Madama Butterfly style, Lyndi Lamont's title, a Regency and J.M Snyder, a futurist Blade Runner style? Elisa

Anne D said...

Elisa, From my POV I chose not to run in the GLBT category mainly because I felt the story was less about the sexual relationship between the two men (although it wasn't relegated to a minor position at all, it was very important), than it was about their building a relationship with the woman.

My first release next year, Red Skirt Cool Fountain, I would/might place in the GLBT for the exact opposite reason - the main thread of the story is not relationship with the woman, but the two men building a first time M/M relationship with each other because of the one they have with her. But I also might choose not to do that because of everything they are romances - not all GLBT are going to be romances, and I'd like to be judged with like. (though that might be poor reasoning)

When it comes down to it, poly writers are stuck in the middle - go GLBT where people are really expecting a dedicated same sex storyline, or go the mainstream, contemporary erotic rom where people might mark you down because there are elements of a same sex relationship.

Teddy Pig said...

You are right Elisa. I mean there is a awful lot of Menage Category books that could easily fit into M/M.

Honestly, what I meant was not a put down of the participants that did participate (Hell, I have sworn my undying love to J.M. Snyder.)

Teddy Pig said...

Hey Emily!

I thought A Hidden Passion was dropped by the publisher for the big P?

Anonymous said...

Am very sad right now. :(

Anonymous said...

That was me. :(

Anonymous said...

A Hidden Passion? Ummm....

Teddy Pig said...

Yeah that was the review I read.

Thanks Anonymous!

Anne D said...

That doesn't sound at all good :(

Angie said...

Wait, would they downgrade a book for the crime of having a gay relationship if it's entered outside the LGBT category? [blinkblink] Because seriously, it's wonderful that they have such a category, but I agree with Anne that it's better for like to be judged against like, if you're going to have separate categories at all. So if I enter an urban fantasy that happens to be about two guys, do I have to choose between Category J where I'll be dinged off the top for the gayness, and Category K where I'll be judged against contemporary romances and historical romances and gay-themed novels which aren't romances at all and whatever else happens to be about two men or two women or two men and a woman or whatever...? :/

It's great that they have an LGBT category, seriously, but I'm confused about what belongs there and what doesn't.


Teddy Pig said...

It does not surprise me they do it like that though. I mean publishers like Amber Quill Press separates their Gay romances from their hetero/menage romances on different web pages.

I don't mind the category link being there like on Samhain for ease of use but I like when they also put them with their hetero category peers.

Angie said...

My concern, though, is that if you write het romances, you have a number of categories to choose from, so you can find the one which will contain other books most like yours. But if write GLBT romance, you have to choose between competing with a lot of very dissimilar GLBT books, or competing with het romances which are much more similar but chancing that the judges might dislike your story simply for the gay element. Does anyone know if that's a serious concern?

I don't mind at all separating out gay romances, since the audience and the tropes are largely (although not completely) different. My problem (assuming the marking-down thing is an issue) is that het romance completes like-with-like while gay (lesbian, bi, trans) books are all lumped together, whether they're romances or not.

Anne has a good point about poly stories too.

The basic question, though, is whether, say, a gay paranormal romance would have a steeper hill to climb in Category G than a het romance would? Does anyone know, or are we just assuming or speculating?


Teddy Pig said...

From the EPPIE FAQ

Placing a book in a category where it clearly does not belong will mean losing 3 points of your score, so choose carefully, especially when placing a book in a straight genre vs. romance or placing it in romance vs. erotic romance.

Anne D said...

Angie, I think a lot of that comes down to the judge. And you do have to notify your coordinator if you are awarding demerit points for the wrong category.

Personally if I was to find a sweet gay romance in with the romance it wouldn't faze me, I would judge it on its merits as a romance. BUT that said, you only need to see my reading material, and written work to see it wouldn't. If you were a pro RWA definition, romance should on be hetero only, throbbing sword of pulsating heat diving deep in to the torrid cavern of sticky creaminess type, then, well... there's going to be problems. I would assume that is why there is variance judging.

Angie said...

Anne -- so apparently it comes down to "maybe." :/ Annoying, but if that's the best info anyone has, then there you go. Thanks for responding; at least now I definitely know that it's a crapshoot. [ponder]


Anne D said...

The joys of peer judging, Angie. There'll be all sorts of views.

I would hope - and maybe I'm placing too much liberal hope here - that ePublished authors might be a little more open to a wider interpretation of each category (such as what I exampled above), and wouldn't just say at the opening page "OMG it's two men/women, this isn't romance (insert genre here)".

veinglory said...

I rather lost that hope somewhere between 'romantic sex is not erotica' and 'OMG twincest is not romance'. People are very idiosyncratic at where they draw their lines but most of us seem to draw a lot of them....

Jamie said...

Don't quote me on this because I can't find the original EPIC post where I saw it, but I thought the GLBT category was created last year (and last year, a story with a gay focus could *only* be entered in GLBT or Erotica, we didn't even have the option of the erotic romance categories) in response to both judges requesting that they be separated out and authors requesting their own category in order to get a fairer shake (I did find the reference the current EPIC president said about the authors). At one point, they also said that the GLBT category would be separated out into subcategories if it had enough entries to merit it. Considering it was one of the largest categories this year, we can only hope that this holds true for next year.

Vivien Dean (currently signed in on the Jamie Craig account, lol)

Jamie said...

Oh, and for what it's worth, when my book finaled for the 2006 awards, I saw absolutely no return in regards to sales, in spite of promoing it. It was an ego boost, though.


Angie said...

Anne -- we can hope, yes. [crossed fingers]

Emily -- oh, good grief. [sigh] I recently read a post on... a blog somewhere [waves hand vaguely in that direction] where the poster said right out that if she ran into one book on a publisher's site which contained elements shed considered icky, that she'd never consider buying any books that publisher offered ever again. O_O Wow, touchy much? Or judgemental much? Or maybe her sensibilities are so delicate that even running her eyes over a web page which contains a link to a book she considers squicky is enough to send her to her fainting couch. [sigh] Whatever, it seems that sort of attitude is definitely around. What happened to YKIOK? :/

Vivien -- That's actually encouraging, in a way. If they are making greater accommodations for non-het books, then that's all to the good. I'll keep a set of virtual fingers crossed that we'll have more categories next year.

And right, it's an ego-boo, and I'd value it if only for the reinforcement by a group of people in the industry who don't know me that I'm doing something right, even just to make the finals. [nod]