Thursday, December 27, 2007

Changes at Whiskey Creek Press--pepper

Posted the business loop for Whiskey Creek Press on Dec 26

Dear WCP Authors…
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you a great New
Year's too. We've been working very hard at WCP, and we are making
some changes which we believe will help all of us find a bigger
audience for all our great WCP titles.
First, beginning with all new contracts signed on January 1, 2008
forward, the set-up fee charged by Pawprints to WCP authors for the
print option will be paid by Whiskey Creek Press (the book must be
35,000 words or more to be print eligible). WCP will put the book into
print and pay the set-up fee to Pawprints when one of two things happens:
1) The author pre-orders and pays for 30 copies or more, at the author
discount price (this is optional).
2) The book sells 50 copies or more in ebook format.
The test print hard copy for errata purposes will be eliminated
beginning with February releases, and all errata will be prepared
electronically, which will speed up that process considerably for all
The new contract which has the set up fee paid by WCP (when one of two
things listed above happen) will have a term of three years instead of
the current two years. This will give WCP and the author additional
time to promote the work.


Teddy Pig said...

Power to the writers!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Well, this is a better option. I'd rather have my print option be based on my sales. It will encourage me to get out there and promote won't it?
And as Teddy said, Power to the writers.

veinglory said...

Do you think they realised this issue just wasn't going to go away?

Anonymous said...

I dunno... Money flows to the writer, right?

Doesn't buying 30 copies, discount price or not, negate the "WPC will pay the print fee" bit?

veinglory said...

Yes, in their infinite wisdom they have left a vanity option within the print options. But frankly, if the ebook hasn;t sold 50 copies and you are taking it to print, well the Captain Lemming suit is on and the author is heading for the roof. At least now a non-vanity print option is provided with a viability threshold to protect the company's bottom line. Hopefully the author will now have to face that if they opt to pay it is a vanity decision.

Pepper Espinoza said...

50 ebook copies is infinitely reasonable for the author and the publisher. At LSB, you have to have over 400 before they even consider sending your book to print, and even that is not a guarantee. E-publishers have no requirement to go to print, after all, and everybody's print model is different.

veinglory said...

And to give WCP their full due they now have a quanititative, auditable threshold at which a book will go to print on their dime. This is something many of the top selling epublishers do not do--leaving it easy to assume some degree of favoritism in who gets offered print on the company's dime.

So, kudos to WCP for that and for following the external and presumably internals discussions about their company and acting proactively to modify their model.

Diana Castilleja said...

It is an improvement, and even though and it still has the author paying, it is now a choice rather than a requirement (as I've seen on other contracts.)

I completely agree that the threshold is fair, as the publisher being electronic format isn't required to do print. The sale point (50 copies) seems very fair to me, it's actually rather low for many authors who sell in excess of that in their release month (or week even) So....

I can also appreciate the lack of favoritism in this model.

Teddy Pig said...


I believe Amber sends everything pretty much to print although they might have a length restriction.

Samhain simply has a length restriction and cycle period of so many months.

Now who are you talking about? EC?

Pepper Espinoza said...

Amber Quill has a length requirement. Everything over 40K goes to print, though of course, it's only available through Amazon, not in any bookstores.

Samhain has a length requirement as well, and a wait of 10 mmonths.

Liquid Silver has a sales requirement *and* a length requirement. They also flat out said that authors with a "good relationship" with the publisher will have priority for print, all else being equal. They claim that everything that meets those requirements will be moving into print at some point, but I have no idea when that'll happen.

Teddy Pig said...

I did not know Liquid Silver had print.