Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chumming the Water--veinglory.

Well. It looks like there may be a new snark shark in the blogbowl. See: Happy Shark award (2007) for: "which e-book publisher shit the worst on authors in the wake of going out of business?"

Options include: "Triskelion, Venus Press, Mardi Gras, Chippewa Publishing, Silks Vault, Ocean's Mist, Twilight Fantasies and Other -and I'm too scared of retaliation to say who."
I do wonder how well informed the Sharky Ones are given that, um, Ocean's Mist didn't close and as far as I can tell aren't likely to during the few days left in 2007--and Silk's Vault haven't even contemplated closing. Time will tell whether the blog itself lasts longer than the usual three months before the blogger loses interest or runs out of things to say :)

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