Sunday, December 09, 2007

On the importance of titles--veinglory

I notice a new magazine is lining up for a March launch. Amongst other things I do have to make an observation about the title... actually three.

1) Eye glasses, as shown beside the title, are always referred to in the plural as spectacles. Why the singular?
2) If you drop the 'the' this title results in an acronym.
3) Selective use of the dictionary gives a meaning of the brazen object of curiosity or contempt.

But that is all fairly pointless snark. I have seen a number of writers clammering to secure advertising already. I would note that according to my rough calculation the price quoted will get you an advertisement in an established magazine with a circulation of around 5000 readers. Is the Brass Spectacle likely to have that for its inaugural issue and if not, what would make advertising their a good investment? It might be wise to buy an issue and look it over first.

Now don't get me wrong, I really hope for a new successful magazine. But in comparing circulation figures to ad rates I discovered that almost all of the magazines I used to enjoy over the years have now closed. The odds against magazines still being around a year after launch seem to be even steeper than for e-publishers. In terms of this one being a success for readers and advertisers, my fingers are crossed but the jury is out. Those who are considering advertising need to do their research and know exactly what they are getting into, their product, their plans and who they are and their expertise. Also to consider, to what extent is paying for advertising the writer's role at all?

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bettie said...

"If you drop the 'the' this title results in an acronym."

I think it's wonderfully appropriate. If I had to describe what we writers do with a single acronym, that one would do the trick.


Bettie Sharpe