Monday, December 31, 2007

REVIEW: Dark Eden Press: A Sexual Spark by Skylar Sinclair

A Sexual Spark
Skylar Sinclair
Dark Eden

Here are the reasons why I, personally, shouldn't have liked this story.

  1. A single title only about 10,000 words long (albeit at a reasonable price)

  2. A hero addressed as 'sir' (who hasn't been given the man broach by Queen Lizzy)

  3. Prose that borders on purple

  4. A plot that isn't much more than (werewolf) girl meets boy, boy bonks girl, girl is (really) impressed.

And here is why I actually loved it: Skylar Sinclair's writing is hot, full throttle and just, well, good. It verges on over-the-top, but any reader with a sense of humor will be able to just go with it. Take, for example, this description the heroine gives of her attire: "Tonight, I’d worn a short, tight black skirt that barely covered my pussy, bright red fuck-me pumps and a red low-cut top that showed off my ample, jacked-up to Jesus tits."

I have not enjoyed reading a story this much since... I can't even remember--maybe the first Anita Blake book before LKH demonstrated that she can't get hot sex and a good plot between the same covers. 'Sexual Spark' was well written and it was just so much damned fun that me, Google and a debit card will be having a look for anything else Sinclair has written very soon. The only thing I would have liked more was if this story was called 'chapter one' and there were three or four more to resolve the story and give me something to do with the rest of the afternoon.

If this is any indication of what Dark Eden is doing I will soon be a loyal customer--but please install a search box so I can look for books by author!


Anonymous said...

Em, not sure what went wrong, but we do have a search function by author in the upper right corner of the cart area.

Skylar is a great writer isnt she? I considered DEP very lucky to have her submit to us.

Keep an eye on her website, she will be announcing some new releases soon.

Thanks Emily for a very nice review of Skylar's book.

Dark Eden Press

veinglory said...

Hi Deb. I look all over the index page and saw no search book. Do you have to be actively shopping beofe it appears?

Anonymous said...

Em, from the homepage you can scroll down the left column and it will give you a search by author link and it lists all of our authors.

If you go to the DEP bookstore, up in the right corner of the site it has a search function that you can type in the author and it pulls all the books by author that are in the DEP bookstore.

Hope this helps.


Skylar Sinclair said...

Thank Emily for taking the time to review A Sexual Spark. I have never written in first person and found it not as easy as one would think.

Happy New Year!

Skylar Sinclair

veinglory said...

Add to reasons why I shouldn't have liked it: first person ;)

Anonymous said...

Bravo to you for choosing first Person! Many find writing erotica in FP to be quite disconcerting.

And why on earth do so many think it's easier to use FP. It's not. As you can only write what the protagonist experiences from their own view point. You can assume, but you can never tell the reader what the other characters feel.

But good show, I think FP adds a dimension for the reader that puts them in the same space and time with the character ... some find it way to creepy, some love it.

Can't be detached from the character though, and that takes a great deal of bravery on the author's part. Kudos.