Friday, December 14, 2007

So...The Eppies--Pepper

You know what happened to us yesterday? The revised Category K list initially included Brindisi Bedfellows. So for a few brief moments, we were finalists, and I had to think about what that really means--what the EPPIEs really mean. I was excited and flattered, and annoyed when the list was revised once again, and we weren't on it. It was difficult to get too worked up about it, though, because I was working on an essay that was due this afternoon.

I didn't enter the EPPIEs myself this year. Vivien can enter all the Jamie Craig books she wants, but I am more or less removed from the situation. Did you enter? If so, why? What were the perceived or known benefits? Did you final? If not, will you be entering again next year?


veinglory said...

I support the idea of the EPPIES but don't enter into anything unless the profits have at least a 50% chance of outweighing the costs. Given that I don't know that even the winners benefit re: sales (the award is largely unknown by readers) I wouldn't enter.

But I think there should be ebook awards and this is the best one that currently exists. So good on anyone who chooses to participate. I may consider buying and revieweing some of the winners as a more comnstructive approach to my generally underwhelmed feeling about the whole thing right now. May the winners really will be worth buying?

Pepper Espinoza said...

I'm a little underwhelmed myself because I know of some finalists/winning entries that weren't just that great.

Also, I'm inherently distrustful of entry fees. I think it's because I've read too many scams at Absolute Write, lol. Note: I do not think there is anything questionable about EPIC or their use of the funds. I just don't like entry fees for anything.

Having said that, I will cop to getting a thrill when I thought we finalled. I guess I can't help my ego sometimes.

Delle Jacobs said...

I'm so sorry, Pepper! What a rotten deal! I confess, I had to look at the list about eight times before I believed I was on it, because I hadn't been notified. I'd made up my mind days before that I hadn't finalled.

What does the EPPIE really mean? Well, it means a lot and it means not much at all. It's true, it's totally subjective, only a matter of the judges' tastes. Yet selling books is just a matter of the readers' tastes. Not only do we not know what it means, we have no way to quantify its value. So I guess we go on the way we've been going on, and make the best of what we have.


Teddy Pig said...

The fact A Hidden Passion made the finals leads me to believe the judges have never read Jane Eyre.

The fact that Love Me Wild made the finals leads me to believe the judges do not even read these damn things.

The fact Master of Obsidian or Thirty Days is no where on the entire list just makes me sad.

Teddy Pig said...

Oh and to be fair when I make statements about things like Love Me Wild here is my short review...

He stroked her wet opening with his fingers. Pebbling her nub until it hardened and ached, he watched with male satisfaction as her body reached the precipice and then got swept away.
"By the Saints, oh my, oh my, ohmymy…" panted Rowena, as she came.

Before he climaxed, he wanted her to join him, so he circled his hips, knowing the sensation would nudge her secret sensitive spot, while his cock screamed for release.
"Oh mymymy!" cried Rowena, arching up off the grass, to grip his back harder as she climaxed again and flew to her own pleasure.

Freeing one of his hands, he once again stroked her opening. This time he plunged two fingers deep inside her so he could stroke and suck.
"Ohh, yes, oh yes, ohh, mymymy…"

*sputter* heh...HEH!
With his other hand, he pebbled her still sensitive nub into a state of frenzied desire.
"Tulon, stop…I can't…oh mymy," said Rowena, when he slightly pinched her nub between two fingers.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! cough cough ack! *crash*

Anonymous said...

Teddy, that is some seriously bad shit you're subjecting yourself to. Have you consulted a mental health professional about this distressing form of self-abuse?

Teddy Pig said...

What does not kill me only makes me stronger. Oh Mymymy

Anne D said...

I'm really feeling like I'm some hack reader and author -- I've not read Jane Eyre.

Do I get points for having read Anna Karenina though?

I've have no idea if there will be any benefit to being an Eppie Finalist, other than a smug sense of self satisfaction. The twenty bucks was cheaper than a bottle of happy pills so that has to be some benefit, right?

I guess I will see in the next few royalty statements if there is any sort of monetary gain. Although I'd have to do some promo of some form to be most effective, wouldn't I? Yeah, not happening this week.

Teddy Pig said...


Male strippers and an open bar and I am so there.

Anne D said...

Dude...I live in Jacksonville Fl...all the male strippers were run out of town in favour of another couple of nudie strip clubs (pot meet the baptist holier than thou boys club kettle).

We found out the hard way when my gf's tried to organise a stripper for my 30th - the nearest one was in Orlando (that's about 3 hrs away for those with no Fl geography), and when he finally answered his phone he was pissed he hadn't checked his messages earlier as he could have easily cleared a good 3-4k for a long weekend in Jax by booking himself up some more sex craved middle aged women :)

I'll shout you a drink though, I'll even pony up for the top shelf for ya