Thursday, December 20, 2007

What do you want for Xmas?--veinglory

Last minute gift ideas for the writer in your life.

Free (priceless)--the gift of time
Provide cooking, dog walking, child minding and other support necessary for a writer to have a whole uninterupted day to write... and insist they actually use it to write (no excuses!)

$10 level ($9.99)--the gift of hot coffee
Mr. Coffee Mug Activated Warmer
I have one of the first models of this device and love it. It keeps the writer's coffee the perfect temperature even if they get distracted by that great scene they are writing. I am showing a picture of a sleek new black model, not my own blocky white one that accidentally got stained with hair dye : /

$20 level (variable)--the gift of your own support
Buy a copy of the writer's book... then ask them to sign it for you... then ask for a picture with them and the book... then post it on your blog with glowing comments. :)

$50 level--the gift of promotional support
Buy the author their own .com domain--for five years or longer! Alternatively a gift voucher for other vital promotional materials. Or, make two cafepress shirts promoting the author's work and wear yours regularly!

$100 level ($119.00)--the gift of a neat gizmo (okay, theoretical we are back to the gift of time)
The Roomba Vacuuming Robot
Gain valuable writing time with this floor cleaning Furby.

Any other suggestions out there? Tune in after Xmas to share stories of your best gift :)


Imp said...

I need someone to read the instructions on my Roomba & get it all sorted. Then, I need to figure out how to use it to corral the cats.

veinglory said...

Mine is pretty good at herding the dog. But he is dumber than a Furby.

Anonymous said...

Alessia, a friend of mine has cats and a roomba...and wackiness ensues

I'd settle for a day job that's over by 4 PM and lets me have weekends off for conventions. And doesn't require me to unload 225 lb transmissions, by hand, alone.

Oh, yeah, I had that. I hated it.

Anne D said...

I'd like a Roomba - it's on my list of things I'd like to buy one day next year list