Monday, December 03, 2007

Wiggle Room--veinglory

The EREC Wiggly Graph is based only on currently available books, so we lost a few to the recent closures. However the database is back up to over 100 books. I would like to remind authors to please send any data you have. First month's sales alone is fine! If you have more, send more.

First Month: 180
First Year: 360
Total to Date (all books): 420
Total to Date (books out one year or longer): 580

We also have here 'Daughter of Wiggly Graph', starting to show some data for specific publishers. However I am not very happy with the graph yet. Although I have data for over a hundred books they are also from 13 different publishers. So the data set for any particular press is still weak. I have shown the number of books contributing to each figure. Now less that 20 books, that really isn't very many. That would be only two or three week's output for many publishers. So I would be the first to admit these figures are not strongly representative. So, um, please send me more data.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Very interesting. I don't think my numbers would be very helpful. I don't sell well at all.
Have you only gotten info on those four publishers?

veinglory said...

One reason I want these figures is to show how ebooks don't tend to sell well. I think the real average would probably be a good bit lower than that as I tend to get data from writers who haven't given up and stopped writing (i.e. the ones who struck a good publisher.

I don't post publisher data until I have at least 5 books by at least three different authors. I have some data for another 9 publishers.

p.s. email any data y'all do want to contribute to veinglpry at

Page Smith said...

Okay, I'm dense. Does the first chart mean that the ebooks in your survey sold about 100 copies in the first month, but about 300 copies in a year? And then trailing away after that?

And then the second graph means that if I were published by, say, Samhain, that I should expect to sell around 700 books in a year? (Loose ID 600-650?)

Humor me. I'm a newbie.

veinglory said...

That's about the size of it :)

I am graphing it across time in the hope that sales are increasing as the industry develops. It was for a wile, not so much now....

Fiona Glass said...

It makes very interesting reading, Em - thanks for all the hard work! Quite comforting, actually. ;)