Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Defining Pornography--veinglory

Now y'all probably know that I embrace the porn. Pornography is any work designed to sexually arouse, and I am down with that. Pornography and romance had a hot passionate dirty affair and erotic romance is their love child.

But then there are those who think pornography is anything that, for some reason, goes out of its way to be without literary merit, degrading to women and--if at all possible--twirling its moustache by the side of the railroad track to which poor helpless, virtuous erotic romance is tied.

But I digress...

What does the average person on the street think pornography is? Here are some suggestions from urban dictionary. feel free to suggest your own.

  • 95% of the websites on the internet.

  • Any material which becomes, right after masturbating, not at all interesting.

  • Sexier than sex itself.

Definitions are voted on. I notice funny and positive ones are at the top, denigrating ones in the middle, and "Pointless filth that destroys families and eventually turns men impotent" at the very bottom.

This makes me happy.

See also, the top definition for "porn"

  • The best thing in the world


Pepper Espinoza said...

I love porn. I say I'm just researching for my books, but in general, I just like the stuff. I agree with "The best thing in the world."

Amanda Young said...

I love example 2. :) *laughing*

Teddy Pig said...

I am not against the porn...

I think it is pretty obvious when you see the typical trash porn and pretty obvious when you spend the time and the money to find the good stuff. It is also pretty obvious when people agree on the quality of effort and creativity that went into making it.

I think Mapplethorpe showed the dichotomy between porn and art very well in his photography. On one hand his subjects, including himself in his self portrait, were pornographic and shockingly raw on the other they were artistically rendered.

Tom of Finland's drawings are again pornographic in their objectification of the male physique by cartoonishly over enhancing certain physical attributes and yet again they are artistically rendered.

But... that is the good shit.

For every Mapplethorpe there is a ton of crap magazines out there. Sure they are functional (They do what they are supposed to do.) but I find it hard to call it all of any real artistic merit or value.

Then again people are now collecting Physique Pictorial Magazine. So I guess real value with porn shows up over time and after lot's of dissection and agreement.

I personally love the Joe Gage's Road Trilogy. Though I had to sift through a ton of BAD BAD BAD 70's porn movie junk to find gems like that.

So I guess I fall into that second one up there but with knowledge of exceptions to the rule.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sexier than sex itself.

If done properly porn can be an artistic representation of an ideal, not to mention, it keeps us aroused and awake as sensual beings. We are sensual beings. And porn is a way to experience a waking dream -- everyone's dreams are different and address different issues.

The problem is when porn is taken too seriously. Art often imitates life, but rarely does it work the other way around. Dissapointment is often the outcome.

So I just take it for what it is: Sensual expression -- varied and beautiful even when it is grotesque.