Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Everyone Likes to Win...--veinglory

But how many book awards do we need?

...said the grinch.

But seriously, not only is it Eppies [EPIC] and CAPA [Romance Studios] time but the preditors and editors readers poll is now open and every online bookreview site that I had never heard of is giving out their own. Oh, and these guys.

I find myself thinking: what award out there so impresses me that I would run out and buy the book that won it, or even make a point of having a look at it? How many of these awards have any clear function beyond free publicity given by the author to the awarding body? [If you can think of an award that is an endorsement you pay attention to as a reader, which one? Please tell!]

I know how to do well in the polls, you get a whole lot of friends, associates and fellow forum members to vote for you--most of whom have never read the book. But does promoting a website do the author any good, if the few who actually win the small colored digital image prize get no sales as a result? Even a little trophy is, what, a $10 payment to one person for the promotion efforts of every nominated author.

Don't get me wrong, awards are nice. If some one other than me nominates one of my books, I appreciate that a lot. If I win then that probably gives me a little happy feeling. But I am not chasing these things any more, or playing a game of voting for people reciprocally or based on some tenuous social connection. I will not be nominating my own books and I will be voting, should the opportunity arise, only for books I have actually read and liked.


Imp said...

Yeah. I recently learned that an ebook of mine was nominated for a year-end award by a site's reviewers -- when the site never even reviewed the book. Um, riiiiiiiiiiiight.

Teddy Pig said...

Shush now you hear me, I am bribing big time next year. Just you wait.

I'm a ho for your vote!

Katrina Strauss said...

It's like those popularity contests in high school. I'm up for vote at two sites and pimped accordingly, but don't expect to win since I'm not "social" enough to garner the votes. If anything I hope I just get a few website hits out of it.

Pepper Espinoza said...

I haven't even pimped my nominations. I'd rather have the sales than an award, even if I'm flattered by the nomination itself.

Anonymous said...

Do I rush out and buy books that win awards? No, but it gives me a way to narrow down my choices from the thousands that are out there. I DO check them out to see if they sound interesting. I read the blurbs, then search for a couple of reviews from other sites.

So, in that respect, awards are another marketing tool for authors. A way for the book to get noticed, but then it depends on the book whether that publicity turns into a sale.

I'd say that the awards that I've paid the most attention to are the Passionate Plumes. Mainly because I was a judge and know several other people that also judged. We are regular readers, not industry insiders, so I give those awards more consideration, particularly since it's all "blind" voting--- no organized fangirl efforts to "stuff" the ballot boxes.