Friday, January 04, 2008

Lies, damned lies, and surveys--veinglory

Ring ring [the phone]

blah blah blah Many people with young children, grandmothers and mothers, feel movie ratings are getting more and more lax, while the movies themselves have more and more adult content. Do you agree? [paraphrased]

I don't have children

We are still interested in your opinion. [blah blah, some stuff I missed but was pretty sure I didnt agree with it either]

I don't agree


Um, I don't agree

Every year for every one family movie produced there are [a lot, maybe 4 I don't recall] that are are rated R released. Do you agree that there should be more family movies.

No. [She is implying as a proportion not an amount and besides I can't stand leading questions. You can lead a pervert to censorship but you can't make them eat it].

What?! [slightly surprised and unhappy tone of voice]

No, I don't agree. [What part of 'no' didn't she understand?]

Well you don't fit the demographic we are tring to reach.


No shit Sherlock.

Seriously. I had a delivery man at the door and the dog was doing his Hound of the Baskervilles routine so I didn't really get who these people were--American... Entertainment... Nazis? No nothing quite so obvious. Can anyone tell me? Because when they release the data I want to be there. I bet it will say all you good Americans out there wan't less adult-rated movies and harsher ratings. Something any movies with gay charaters in them already get slammed on pretty hard. [And not in the good way].

I want to be there to say how astoundingly outrageous their surveyor was telling people what they wanted us to say--giving slanted if not utterly incorrect information and challenging negative answers in a disapproving voice. Even I hesitated to say no when she set it up so that it basically meant I hated small children, grandmothers and movies with ponies in them. But the question was not actually about loving families, it was about suppressing and censoring adult-rated entertainment.

Those are not the only two choices.


Anonymous said...

I bet she's getting this response a lot. She/they got this from me last year. Only the lady who called me argued more and I was more specific in trying to figure out what they were about. She wouldn't tell me, so I basically said that what I allow my children to watch was up to me, that this sounded like a scary kind of censorship thing, etc. She muttered, "another damned liberal" and hung up. heh heh

Anonymous said...

When I get these calls, I tend to say "No, movie ratings are getting stricter. Today's PG-13 is tamer than the PGs I grew up with."

This blows their mind and they protest.

I cut them off with, "Did you know that many 1970s PG movies have frontal nudity? Logan's run, Clash of the Titans, Superman, Force 10 from Navarone, Hanover Street. Did you know that originally you could say 'fuck' twice in a PG-13? Do you remember Raiders of the Lost Ark and the melting faces, exploding heads, mummies, snakes, impalement, etc in a PG?"

That tends to shut the pollster/columnist/whatever right up.

veinglory said...

Clealry I am a newbie at this.

[takes notes]

I had a feeling ratings were actually laxer. I know that ratings are applied relatively unevenly and even arbitrarily--i.e. small producers get no chance to negotiate.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you had people at the door and a barking dog. I was just quietly making dinner and resenting the rude, ridiculous interruption.

Angelia is right. I was watching the Goonies with my kids and was thinking that today, that PG would be a PG 13.

Athena Grayson said...

In the political world, they call this "push-polling" - it's a scheme where the intent is not to garner your opinion, but to give you theirs in a roundabout way. I used to get these calls from "The committee to end child pornography in America" where they would kindly and worriedly warn me that Gay Marriage (TM) was coming to a Town Near Me and would Eat My Children and Destroy My Marriage. The idea was to conflate gay marriage with child pr0n. When I got a real human (and I use the term here loosely), I told them that crusading against gay marriage to stop kiddie pr0n was like invading Iraq to hunt down a criminal in Pakistan. She didn't seem to understand or like me very much. It's absolutely scandalous, the opinions of middle-class, minivan moms these days. ;)