Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mind the Gap--veinglory

As the data stands Ellora's Cave is well clear of the pack. This is most obvious in the graph of numbers sold in the first month. However my EC data set is small and recent. If we take the publishers figure of 850-900 the gap may be a little smaller, but then maybe sales are a little lower in the holiday month of December when budgets are tight. 1100 may actually be more representative of the whole year.

In any case, even in this small data set, there is evidence of an upward trend with some of the other presses and several of them have recent titles selling in the 800+ range. I think the gap might close with a few of the 'rest of the pack' gravitating upwards to EC sales level over the course of the next year or so. If I had to guess I would predict Samhain (moving up rapidly) and Loose Id (an older press, improving steadily) would be in the following group ready to move up into the major leagues. But then I obviously favor these presses having published with both multiple times. I suspect others are also well-placed to increase their per-title sales? Thoughts?


kirsten saell said...

I would hope that Samhain is headed for bigger things, (not just because my first book is coming out with them in March, plug plug), but because I've bought books from several presses and have never been annoyed by one of SP's. The quality of the editing is consistently good--no serious errors in grammar, repeated words, or word usage errors (eg. "rivaled" when they clearly mean "reveled", can't remember where I saw that one, but I know it was one of the other top six). There's nothing that irks me more than spending $5-$7 on a book and finding mistakes in it that MS Word would have red-flagged.

All right, I get at least as irked when a publisher makes it frustrating or impossible to order. I was just at EC yesterday trying to buy a book and finally gave up after 25 minutes and three tries. I like the authors and so will try again, but if it was an impulse buy, they would have lost my 7 bucks. I don't know if this is something that happens often, so I won't hold it against them, but that one press that told me I had to lower the security settings on my computer before they could process my order lost my business right there.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I'm hoping that Samhain will move up. Mainly because the books there are quality--everyone I've gotten.
I also love Liquid Silver (but that's MY publisher, so I may be a tad biased. LOL)
Hope you're going to blog on "Dear Author"'s post about Erotic sales.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see Amber Quill Press has some pretty decent numbers, since my e-book and paperback just came out with them this month. I'm crossing my fingers :)