Friday, January 11, 2008

Nocturne vs. Blaze--veinglory

So I got curious about mainstream category sexy and paranormal. Being a scientist, I didn't get a book, I got a sample. 8 Silhouette Nocturnes and 20 Harlequin Blazes off ebay. Which should I start with?

I am opening a betting pool. Between noon on Sunday and the end of the day how many will I read? Round it to the nearest half book. Winners get a book of their choice--once I have finished it myself :)

To help with your estimate you might like to know.

* I live alone but have a dog.
* I read quite quickly but have a short attention span.
* I have plenty of pizza but no coffee.

And yes, that is a Hello Kitty toaster behind the coffee-maker.


Teddy Pig said...

I would rather win the Hello Kitty vibrator... Um, I mean toaster.

6 with 2 wall bangers and 1 you sorta liked.

Anonymous said...

I heard the early Nocturnes were a bit ho hum, though I've read a couple of later ones and haven't poopoo'd them as bad.

Since I take 1.5-2 hrs to read a blaze, and since you're making a concerted effort, and since I'll own up to a Blaze subscription and I know there are a few decent storylines in there I'll say 4 Blaze 2 Nocturnes, 2 that you'll finish with gritted teeth cause your the scientific type, and 2 you'll think were pretty damn good.

Maura Anderson said...

Hmmm - I'll go with 4 Nocturnes and 3 blazes. And you'll only finish 1 blaze and 2 Nocturnes.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Darn, I was going to say 6. Hmm, I'll up it to 8 total, most of which you'll skim read. You'll find one you like and few others with scenes that were pretty good.

veinglory said...

Bloody hell. That's quite the target.


I went out and bought some coffee.

Page Smith said...

I think you'll read two-and-a-half, total, if that. (This is assuming you don't just skim a bunch of them.)

I'm not going to put that down to Short Attention Span Theatre. I'm going to say that few because this is the Year of the Sequel for you, and the draft column, and pages for next week's writing group, and, and, and.

And, TeddyPig, we all want the HelloKitty vibrator... er, toaster, don't we?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Mmmm I'm guessing five. Three nocturn and two blazes.
I think you'll be bored with the Blazes.
God knows I was.

veinglory said...

2.5,5,6,7,8... Any more? Polls close at noon tomorrow...