Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Once around the blogs before dinner--veinglory

I'm bad I know. When I saw Firedrake's Weyr had tarted up their website some I had to look for one thing. As I was, evil snarkling that I am, very amused to see that in their initial guidelines the misspelled the name of Anne McCaffrey (who coined the term 'weyr') as Anne McCafferty. They now misspell it Anne McCaffery. Third time lucky?

In the news I see a couple have been denied access to the great British bus service because the gal likes to be walked on a leash [pictured]. On a personal level seeing a 19 year old girl in a leash is on my list of oh-please-don't above muffin tops but below old ladies who let their dogs lick their open mouths. But I think the bus driver is being a leetle disingenuous in suggesting the leash is a safety issue because "other passengers could be put at risk if the bus braked sharply". But I kinda like where the goth guy says he "does everything" for his 'pet' girlfriend, because "You wouldn't expect your cat or dog to do the washing up or cleaning round the house."

I wonder if we are entering a new age of truth in epublisher names? Ocean's Mist has evaporated away without a trace, after all. And now we have an art trading site setting up as an epublisher, going by the astounding name of "Whiffy Skunk". Their professionalism may be showing in statements such as: "The copyright of any work entered in its original format remains the property of the author at all times but the copyright of the published and edited manuscript will remain the property of, with all relevant copyright restrictions attached." WTF?


Teddy Pig said...

You sure Mrs. Giggles did not start another ePub?

veinglory said...

The thought did cross my mind when I saw their logo, a skunk with tail raised.

Unknown said...

Whiffy skunk? Really. Holy crow. That is a classy name. I should look them up.

As if ebook writers don't have a hard enough time right now trying to convince people that they are legit, try getting published by

Lol. Classic.


Mya said...

What I've always wondered about is why like-minded people don't move to the same area. Like, if we could give North Dakota to the Goths, Florida to the nudists, Pennsylvania to the potheads, etc. Instead of the utopian society with rules, just have different rules and different fetishes and different religions etc...does that make me a seperatist...nope...I would gladly love to go and visit the goth state, or West Virigina the UFC state, or Washington DC home of Repression. Of course for psychos their can be an unrestricted zone or something, but when several states outlaw behavior, you can't really cut loose....ok, I'm thinking too much about this but still...

Jules Jones said...

While I think the bus driver perhaps did not have *just* passenger safety in mind, he's quite right to be concerned about the safety issue. "No pets on leashes" is a common rule for room parties at sf cons, for similar reasons. (For the safety of the pet, whether human or animal, as well as innocent bystanders.)

Unknown said...

The Firedrake's Weyr site does look nice, but they don't seem to have decided whether they're named Firedrake Weyr, Firedrake's Weyr, or Firedrakes Weyr.
The potential for apostrophe misuse distresses me.

Page Smith said...

Go, Trent Reznor, go.

I love the British (even literally because my husband is British) and I LOVE THIS! I think the clothes are fun. I think the idea is fun. I think we have two eccentric consenting adults in a relationship, here, and I think they're having more fun than all of us put together.

However, I also understand the bus driver's beef. So, if the couple get on a bus, she's going to have to hold her own leash/lead. I've seen terriers do it. She can, too.

As for "Whiffyskunk," I enjoy the coincidence that the security word I was asked to type in so I could post this comment was, "Mhuun?"

Anonymous said...

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Good luck all.

If you don;t like the name then you probably not for us anyway.

So .. 'Roll over Beethoven...' as the saying goes.


veinglory said...

You might like to consider explaining the name. Or explain your interpretation of copyright because I don't see how the author would be able to offer the unedited work to another publisher (asserting copyright ownership) when you retain full copyright of a version that probably differs by a few percent of content. That sounds like copyright in name only to me? Very few epublsihers, even full service, high-seeling epublishers require the author to surrender copyright for any version of the work.

veinglory said...

p.s. this is an EPUBLISHING blog, so I think the EBOOK aspect of your offering is well understood. As is the fact that earnings are royalties percentage x volume of sales? Perhaps you would invite your authors to share their sales figures with us?