Monday, January 14, 2008

Phlegm and Plagiarism--veinglory

I am lying on my chaise having the girl version of the man flu. The Blob is in my sinuses and Son of Blob in my right ear canal. Anyhow, you all lost the bet and I'll be keeping this post short [whine, moan, languish]. The final score was 4.25, rounded down to 4. One good Blaze, one okay Blaze and two terrible Nocturnes. All I have to say about Nocturnes as that they may have the trappings and the suits of woo (#2)--but its a little like watching Ken and Barbie play dress up.

My thought for the day is: compare and contrast plagiarism scandal with epublishers and with the big girls.

Signet is all: 'we are looking into it, stop staring at us... yes, yes, we are thinking about maybe getting someone in PR to ask someone in legal to think about doing something about all this but it takes three years just for this promo Behemoth to come to a rolling stop'.

Epublishers are all :'plagiarised book, what plagiarised book?' I mean can you even tell me, off the top of your head, who published 'The Edge' by JJ Massa (whose other books remain on sale) or ‘A Hidden Passion’ by Lucia Logan. Did I miss the mea culpa?

So, the epublisher's approach: swift and decisive action -- or sweeping it under the rug?


Dayna_Hart said...

I've been completely underwhelmed by the Nocturnes.

Finished my first Luna this week though...and are we sure they're Harlequin's? The one I read was barely fantasy-with-romantic-elements, and it didn't have that 'first hundred page lull' I find with most Harlequin books. In short...I loved it.
I'm actually scared now to read the other five I bought. What if I got my expectations up, and now...will be let down?

Sorry you're not feeling well, too, Emily. Those ear-blobs make me insane. I've found those heat packs, the ones for back pain? tend to help a little when laid across my neck. Of course, copious numbers of hot toddies might work, too, but with the Babykid In Residence, that's not an option for me right now...

Maura Anderson said...

Yack - that's worse than I thought.

I hate the ear stuff too - hope you feel better.

Barbara Sheridan said...

It's my understanding that Luna books aren't romance novels as we know them and that "romantic elements" are pretty much what they contain across the board.

Katrina Strauss said...

Judging by Massa's "featured author" gig at ARE a few weeks ago? I'd say the "sweeping it under the rug while playing the PR" approach.

Teddy Pig said...

Yeah, but I certainly hope she got rid of any other books that might cause concern.