Sunday, January 06, 2008

You Are What You Eat--veinglory

Have you ever read one of those chick lit stories where everything is Gucci and Prada? I think it would be hilarious to do some slob lit parody full of all of the most unfortunately named products currently for sale in big box stores and corner markets in the US. Do you think a publisher would be freaked out by all the brand names? It's only funny if they're real, after all.

Anyway, here is a loaf of bread that I just *had* to buy at my local 7/11--it gets even better--what is this bear doing to the Bimbo bread? Do you have any others that I could use?

p.s. I have started a job board on the side column. Please let me know if you know of any open positions at reputable erotic romance epublishers or related businesses.


Anne D said...

Oooh - Erotic Pun-Lit

bettie said...

My personal favorite product: Cock Flavoured Soup Mix. My local supermarket used to sell this. I used to give out packages as gifts.

I tried it once, and, you know what? It tastes like chicken.

Teddy Pig said...

I always wanted to see working man lit.

Jesus pulled his Carhartt jeans further up since his ass crack had been enticingly peeking out all morning and crawled out from under the sink. His Wesco boots had become slightly scuffed but the previous days polish still showed in the bright sunlight. A tuft of hair peeked out from his red and black Pendleton shirt remind Consuela of her first love Enrique.

Oh how Enrique had loved her. His firm thighs and well oiled Chippewa Boots had sent Consuela's heart pounding on more than one occasion.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LMAO Teddy Pig!!! That was BRILLIANT.
I was thinking about a Walmart/Target book.
"Something about that bright red circle spelled heaven for her."

Teddy Pig said...

I shall call it Love in the Time of Levi's 501s

veinglory said...

'Signture' brand, surely?

Anonymous said...

I just yesterday was shopping at JoAnn's fabrics and stumbled upon this gem:

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.