Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Branding 2--veinglory

So here is the game. Please look at each of the pen names and answer the following questions. Please answer with absolute honesty and send the answer to me by email at veinglory at I am asking for this to be via email so you can say exactly what you think. I will post a summary of all responses received by this time tomorrow (5pm US CST).

I hope someone else will pick this up as a blog meme as I would like to play as an author.

The questions are:
1) When you read this pen name what is the first thing you think?
2) Have you heard of this author?
3) Have you read any of their work?
You can add any other comments you wish. If you got nothing just say 'pass'.

The pen names are:
Angelia Sparrow
Diana Castilleja
Anne Douglas
SB Ashton
Katherine Kingston
Amanda Young
L.E. Bryce
Maura Anderson
J.M. Snyder
Jill Noelle

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to do this. If it's popular we can do it again (in a different time zone). Pepper, maybe Friday?


veinglory said...

Hmm... I might need to make that two days at this rate. [taps fingers] ;)

Anonymous said...

*pokes emily*