Sunday, February 24, 2008

Name calling rule--veinglory

I generally let comments go but I think it it time to institute some limits for the sake of keeping conversations useful and focussed on matters of evidence and logic. So I will be removing any and all comments that direct personal insults to anyone. A personal insult being a crude name, attributing malicious motives or denigrating a persons basic intelligence, morals or other personal qualities.

Now if you want to say what a press or person is *doing* is unskilled, bizarre or just a very bad idea because of [insert reason here] that is fine. I just don't want to descend into mean girl accusations, name calling and snark of people not products and services. Snark of products and services, just to be clear, is fine and dandy.

I hope that makes sense and is okay with y'all.

Edited to Add to clarify, in case this should be needed, examples of what name calling is: "...everyone being so nasty...a small, jealous mind...go away and get a life"

Edited to Add: I am told that people believe I have been deleting comments in support of DCL. This is not true. I have deleted one post a few minutes ago in accordance with my new stated policy. If anyone thinks their post has been deleted or can see the alleged 'seven deleted comments' (a screen shot of this for example) please tell me. Because it ain't me doing it. I see 41 comments on the DCL post, 1 deleted.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

WHEW! Some of those comments were a little....hostile.
Glad you set limits.
I just have to say that I understood the "Pay for the model" was a new concept added AFTER several people had covers already.
What a frustrating place for the authors to be caught.
It seems VERY unusual to "pay" for a cover model. What's wrong with (if you wish to have a side biz for models) to put their pics on IStock?
Then, buy the pics like normal cover artists do.

veinglory said...

I would suggest that the publisher should pay for cover art by whatever mechanism they prefer. The author, however, should not....

veinglory said...

It would be helpful to know exactly what this cover model fee policy currently is.

Kayleigh Jamison said...

It would be helpful to know exactly what this cover model fee policy currently is.

Agreed. That's the biggest red flag I see at the moment. Anyone willing to share the precise policy? The contract maybe?

Teddy Pig said...

Sorry sounds like a VANITY PRESS gone nuts with the VANITY part. When you take a writers honest work and start using that to promote a model and get this...


You have got to be joking.


Teddy Pig said...

our cover models are very happy to start getting paid for e-book covers

I am very happy for you to have found a source of hack graphics artists with no training. Bravo!

My point is if you want to run a modeling agency, then run a modeling agency.

You want to run a Commercial Graphics Agency then run one and learn to use Adobe Photoshop correctly. Not the way I have seen so far.

You want to run an ePublisher then get busy you have a lot to learn and standards I expect you to meet before I start using words like ePublisher with your company in the same sentence.

This is why I keep saying dump the Vanity Presses and the "fly by night" scam artists out when talking about ePublishers. They have NO ePublishing standards and not any real integrity from what I have seen.

They are not honest in stating what they are really doing or really even intent on trying to meet the standards set by a Ellora's Cave or a Samhain in providing all the services a real ePublisher provides.

So why promote worrying about the sensitive feelings of the type of companies that have proven to rip off writers constantly?

Teddy Pig said...

When I talk about "running" a company.

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science degree and an actual License from the State of California and another from the City of Oakland to run my company, a separate legal business bank account, business insurance, an accountant, business attorney who writes my contracts... etc etc etc.

I expect to see those things and when I do not see them, well you get the idea.