Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing New Under the Sun--veinglory

I was looking through the older books on my to-be-read pile and the main message seems to be, there really is nothing new. I read a lot online that seems to assume that the availability of some new book format is responsible for the actual content of what we read, specifically the sexual content... specifically the nasty-naughty-we-don't-likes-it sexual content.

But scanning the shelf I see furry domesticated tailed women used for sex (The Lani People by JF Bone, 1962), saliacious gay 'adult' fiction by women (The Flaming Heart by Deborah Deutsch, 1958) and menage (The Sign of Eros by Paul Bodin, 1953). I am sure that if I was really looking for it I could find twincest and every other kind of content from every decade. I mean people don't really change, do they? Just their avenues for expression, distribution and consumption.

I bet much of what is now said about the internet in general, and the sexual side of epublishing in particular, was once said about these cheap mass market 'sleaze' paperbacks. And I bet it was said about the first printing press too.

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