Monday, February 04, 2008

So how is the Pack?--veinglory

We had some goals for January. Please report?

My goal were, um, trashed. (Oops).

Some writers refer to having a Clark Kent job. I don't. I have a career (sort of... well, I'm trying). So there is Wonder-Emily (work, for money), and there is Super-Emily (erotica, semi-pro). But currently they are both having their arses kicked by the evil Doctor Emily, who does the serious non-fiction writing thing after hours. Due to some massive bolloxing of the deadlines I am juggling two books and an article and utterly out of time for writing smut. Maybe next month.

So I am going to hold off on goal setting for February, until things settle down. But I encourage you to report on your goals and set some more. I like to know someone is out there writing sexy romance for the good citizens of the great cyber-city of Smutham.


veinglory said...

p.s. I'm on the road this week. Will post when I can. Knowing airports and the rate of cancellations in winter that could be quite a lot.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Never Fear!
Activist Dyke Mom is here!

With her loyal sidekick, Bettie, ADM is on a major crusade to complete thirty thousand words of sexy gay romance for the good cyber-citizens of Smutham!

Will they triumph?
Will the allure of Internetia or the crushing blows of Day Job keep them from their goal?

Tune in!
Same smut time!
Same smut channel!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Proposal went off in good time and I managed not just a third but a whole half of the book written. I'm frankly astounded.

Okay, this month I need to get this baby finished.

Mya said...

I had an evoyl friend give me Guild Wars (not too much different from EverQuest/EverCrack), so my productivity has slowed, but even still, I should be finished with Guardian by the end of the month, looking at about 70k.