Monday, February 18, 2008


So, critics seem to largely agree that the movie 'The Other Boleyn Girl' was pretty dull. How a movie about two sisters who were basically sold into sexual slavery to a murderous king could be dull I don't know, but there you are. And apparently Natalie Portman feels her whole public image may be equally, well, boring.

So what are two midlist actresses to do? Apparently fly to Germany and have a 'lesbian kiss' on the red carpet. My response is.


On the up side a lesbian kiss is widely considered titilating and not sinful. On the down side a lesbian kiss is considered shocking enough to get world-wide coverage and on the whole I think the main problem with this publicity stunt was summed up on morning television wherein the highly coiffed anchor woman turned to her sharply besuited male co-anchor and opined, "That kiss wasn't really very hot, was it?"

Thank you.

If you are going to do gaysploitation and make out like a bi-curious exhibitionist, and you are actually any kind of skilled actress, please don't insult our fetishes by giggling and breaking off before the paps can even get a decent shot. Well, other than of the paps, but they were on display a good deal longer.

Gaysploitation that isn't actually hot is just ... boring.


Teddy Pig said...

Dear Hugh Jackman,

I was reading about this gaysploitation the other day. I know you have not received much press lately and I would like you to know if you ever need lessons I am here for you. Let's make this the most perfect Gay public kiss ever!

Your friend the Pig

Jules Jones said...

No, Teddy, I think that's just exploitation. :-)

Misque Writer said...

I think the way she's looking at the camera rather than her partner sort of captures the real object of affection in that kiss.