Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazon FYI--Pepper

Just in case somebody hasn't seen it, here's Amazon's Response/Explanation of the POD stuff.

ETA: Also, I've seen some mention that Whiskey Creek Press will be one of the publishers affected by this change. This is from the publisher, posted on the WCP Business Loop:

I really need to clarify my statement. The Bru-ha-ha affects those
people who have their books with Amazon Advantage. Very few of our
books are listed with the Advantage program! I pay a monthly fee to
keep us in Amazon Marketplace. There has never been a 'buy now' button
on most of our books. We list our books at Retail to cover the costs
of the % and fees that Amazon takes from the book price. When you go
to your book listing the site tells the customer that the books are
available through PawPrints at a specific price. It has always been
that way and will never change. We, really, are not involved in this

There are a few that do have some of their books available through the
Amazon Advantage program. Amazon has left those alone for the time
being but even if they shut off their button, the Marketplace
offerings will still be available. As it is, we don't get very many
Amazon Advantage sells since we have to ask such an exorbitant price
for the books to cover the 55% of sale that Amazon Advantage demands.

Through Marketplace, we get the on-line exposure we need and, no,
people can't use the shipping options that Amazon offers as an
incentive but we still make good sales through Amazon Marketplace.
Customers have commented that they save enough buying from PawPrints
at the retail price to more than cover the shipping prices they have
to pay rather than the very high price of the Amazon Advantage prices
we list for those books to cover their 55% .


veinglory said...

And my thoughts about it are here:

Katrina Strauss said...

They are waving that "But think of the customers!" argument like a fundie politician reminds us to think of the children. In other words, most of us can see straight through these implementations for "the sake of the customer" as the self serving tactics that they are.