Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's easy to be jaded about great new revolutionary e-publishing ideas. Because, well, most of them are stupid. But do me a favor and spend a few minutes meditating about kittens and rainbows and then look at this and answer the following:

Bookhabit is basically:
a) a kitten on the freeway
b) a freeway in search of kittens
c) awww, you never gave the rainbow and kittens thing a chance
d) it really could work
e) who cares?

The site's text is a soup of reasonable ideas and red flags. But basically you self-publish an ebook with them on a fixed price scale. People can leave ratings and comments. So far it looks a little lite on sales.


Anonymous said...

I'm Clare from

Thanks for checking out our brand new site. We launched less than a week ago - so no Amazon like sales figures yet!

We also have a $5000 competition and there is a growing number of books on there also. 6 winners every week -


veinglory said...

Hi Clare. Hmmm. In this case the lack of replies looks like e) :(