Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Epublishers are not like a box of chocolates--veinglory

They are like an egg.

Come on, give this metaphor a chance--work with me. This morning at work I found an Easter basket on my desk. Still not sure who it is from. It included a toy rabbit, some chocolate and this egg which came with two Alice in Wonderland type instructions. 1) Do not consume, 2) place in water.

Now when I do this it is possible a tiny Godzilla will jump out and trash my apartment like its the Tokyo sky line. Not very plausible? Well, it could be a cunning murder plan and the egg is full of Lithium which when put in water will blow me and my apartment into little pieces. That is possible but still not very likely.

So it's going to be some kind of gradually expanding novelty shape, right? Further to that given the shape and size of the egg, and it being Easter, I'm going to guess a chicken. Although biologically inappropriate it might also be a rabbit or a lamb, but I'm going of chicken. I guess I'll find out in a day or two.

So I guess the point is that all eggs can produce anything from noxious goo to iguanas and you never really can tell for sure. But there are ways to make a pretty good educated guess.

....and I'm going to be pretty embarrassed if it isn't a chicken.

Oh, the New Concepts Publishing thing is still going on but I haven't seen much in the way of new information. If you want to keep up with that I suggest Karen (her main blog has fallen over again), Ellen Ashe, Mrs. G., Bitch Envy and Dear Author.

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