Sunday, March 02, 2008

EREC as Advocate--veinglory

I sometimes read comments about how--as the main writer at this blog--I should discuss this and not that, should support all e-publishers that manage to stay open, aren't qualified to complain, seem to have malicious motives or to listen to authors that do. I think it might be useful to explain what EREC is.

EREC is an advocate for writers of erotica and romance e-books

I aim, always to be fair and to take rational, evidence-based position. I try to be supportive of e-publishing where this is appropriate. But most of all I want to encourage writers to seek out information and data to allow them to make the best possible publishing choices--to submit to e-publishers only when this is appropriate and to approach the e-publisher most likely to be able to fulfill their writing and publishing goals.

As such this blog will discuss any issues of interest to erotica and romance e-book writers, I will be analytical and even critical when it comes to e-publishers, I will be inquisitive and raise topics for discussion before all the facts are in, I will discuss writing and publishing without being the world's best writer or any kind of publisher myself, I will allow anonymous comments and assume you know how to take anything said with a degree of skepticism and make up your own mind. I will be overt about my motives. My motives are to uncover information that will help erotica and romance e-book writers be more successful. That is all. I have no other reason for posting to this blog.

EREC will also advocate for e-publishing and e-publishers when these companies and formats ultimately fulfill the needs of writers and readers.

In the next few weeks I will be getting back in touch with EREC members to look at ways to encourage more participation. So if you would like to take part in EREC or have some ideas about how to pursue these goals, now would be a good time to get in touch. I would, for example, be open to having a regular slot for a blogger who is a publisher, editor, artist, self-publusher or fills any other kind of role in the industry. Just drop me a line at veinglory at

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