Sunday, March 09, 2008

Errol Flynn--veinglory

I notice a lot of you favor Errol Flynn as Robin Hood. I wonder if you sense a kindred spirit. This from the blurb of "Showdown" by (the) Errol Flynn (1946).

"Shamus O'Thames, a tall, shy Irishman, is a very conventional young man whose fate it is to lead a most unconventional existence. He is seeking his fortune in the barbarous South Sea Islands, with a plan of life which includes no women.

Cleo, a vivacious, strikingly beautiful actress who is oddly at home in the wilderness, shows herself familiar with the ways of gracious living. Yest her spirit is as untamed as that of the South Sea savage. Ill-mannered arrogant, wilful, Cleo is well-versed in playing a fast-and-loose game with a man's emotions.

Ganice, an entrancing lovely young nun who lives in a mission in a remote outpost of civilisation, has a gentle smile and beautiful gray eyes which betray her fear that Shamus and her own emotions may make her break her vows."

I haven't read it yet... but doesn't it rather sound like our Errol wrote an erotic (or at least exotic) romance?

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