Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Eternal Press has been sold by Julie .A. D'Arcy to Allyson Robertson. This involves changing the free .au based website into a presumably also free .ca website with the result that currently "some links or carts may not work". I am wondering why they don't do as most epresses do and cough up $8 for a standard .com?

ShadowRose Press continues to be a missing in action and is beginning to look like it might be effectively closed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily. In a post here:


You wrote that LPI has changed ownership. It hasn't. I believe you mean Eternal Press. We stopped DBA as Dragon Spell, but have always been Lyrical Press and have always owned the company ourselves (my husband and I). I would have posted there, but apparently I need to active my account and I don't know how to do that. But then, it is only 6:40am and I'm not firing on all pistons yet. lol

- Renee

Fae Sutherland said...

in regards to why not a .com, sometimes the .com is just not available. I know when Marguerite and I made the decision to finally purchase a domain, our website name, Chasing Dreams, was not available as a .com, .net or .org. It was available as some odd extensions like .info and I think .bus but we didn't know what those extensions were and decided to go with chasethedream.net instead. Kind of a bummer, but sometimes the .com you want is just not there to be had.

Emily Veinglory said...

My mistake, Renee. Some kind of neuron cross circuit. Or as my sister would say: 'brainfart'.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I have those wonderful little brainfarts ten times a day at least. No worries, Em. Just couldn't reply on the board so left you a message here. Thanks for clearing it up for me. As you know, one tiny piece of misinformation can lead to all sorts of havoc. ;)

Thank you for reposting Debra's letter. It's a terrible thing what's happened and all of us at Dark Eden are devastated. Luckily Debra is a very dear friend of mine, so I'll be there with her every step of her fight.

- Renee