Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A General News and Rumors Post--veinglory

There is a report at Absolute Write that the Erotic Challenge and the Submissive Challenge websites are not paying in a timely manner (if at all). Their stated terms are: "Payment is $25 per accepted Challenge, paid the month it is put live on the site."

It is rumored that Publishers Weekly will be writing a story on how Romance Writers of America accepts (or doesn't accept) people into PAN and whether all has been fair and above board. As far as I knew the definitions, like them or not, were overt and empirical?

Can't get enough erotic romance gossip from the blog? Try our Erotic Romance Writers forum! Well actually the forum pre-dates this site, but it is part of the ER-empire now and a good way to catch up with other authors. :)

I am sitting down to write my new column for the Romance Writers of New Zealand newsletter (Heart to Heart). It is called 'Digital Romance'. Any ideas what members of a national romance writers (one that leans more to print publishing) might like to know about the romance e-book world?

I would also like to remind people about the happy-omoter. When you next send on your sales figures update you could also add a simple yes or no for each publisher. That being the answer to the question of whether you are basically satified with your experiences with that publisher. Oh and now is a good time ti send in those updates, I'll be revising the PLIST page soon.


Kayleigh Jamison said...

Is that a butt heart?

Yes, I have been staring at it quizzically for the last few minutes...


veinglory said...

Yes. That it indeed a buttheart. Enjoy :)

Kayleigh Jamison said...

hahahaha. In bubbles? I see it now!

Oh, and yay on the not-new forum. ;)

Anonymous said...

About the column for RWNZ, I think start with the basics about epubbing. The South Island in particular seems stuck in a ruddy timewarp about books. The writer's group I belong to was agog at the idea of The Internet, let alone Publishing On The Internet. One of the papers recently ran a feature on POD that was rather 'gosh wow, look what people can do!' in tone.