Tuesday, March 04, 2008

NEW PRESS: Blade--veinglory


"Blade Publishing Ltd. is now accepting submissions for all genres."

Genres list on the nav bar include: GENRE: action adventure, contemporary, fantasy/sci fi, gay/lesbian, historical, inspirational, mainstream, menage, mystery/suspense, non-fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy, & ROMANCE: contemporary, fantasy, gay/lesbian, historical, inspirational, interracial, paranormal, comedy, sci-fi, suspense, timetravel, western.

As to why that particular collection of genres, I couldn't guess. I assume they are suggesting which sort of books they are expecting to see submitted, in the absence of submission guidelines on that front? Mostly romance. But menage as a category of genre but not romance, western as a category of romance but not genre?

As for the following quote, e-publishing sure has changed. The small press world. Offset print small presses used to average about six title, per year.

"While it is important for the author to help market him/herself, we feel that by publishing too many books each week we are taking away from our ability to market each one of our authors and their books as best we can so we may only publish six books the entire month."

The website looks nice but they have opened with no book and a forum with two posts (when I checked) and two of the main tabs leading to empty pages. It seems to me that the presses that hit the ground running and rose to the top tended to open with books, reader-ready.

That said, it is run by named people who are easy to check out. Best of luck to everyone at Blade.

p.s. Karen Scott notes a striking resemblance between their webpage and Samhain's.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again....yawn....

Teddy Pig said...

Herman Munster does romance covers?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it's not so much they want to spend time marketing just a few books at a time, but more that they aren't getting a ton of quality submissions yet. That's been the situation for NRP. We've received submissions, but quality is lacking in some of them...or they don't meet our guidelines.

I'm not the least bit surprised, though. Given today's epublishing environment, with all the closings, the authors are skittish and I don't blame them. IMO, new pubs are going to need to earn a good reputation before they find themselves receiving a ton of quality submissions.

NRP quietly opened this morning with 2 books. The reason I say "quietly" is because I haven't done any kind of advertising or announcement yet. We're testing the site/purchase process with a few straggler orders and if all goes well, I'll announce this weekend.

And yeah...Blade's Web site looks almost exactly like Samhain's. Are they related somehow?