Thursday, March 06, 2008

Not-So-Living Doll--veinglory

In the Black Lace story Dark Designs one of the heroes has a realistic sex doll. Ever since reading about this it has kind of been in my mind. because the story was written in a way that made the whole idea cute and kind of sexy (yes, the doll did appear in on sex scene but it isn't major element in the plot). So just for the sake of research (of course) I thought I would have a look.

I started off at which advertises, for a start, "provides stress-free companionship". Companionship?! And if you want to cheat on a budget you can buy her 'extra faces', and um, the shemale kit. Too much information? The girls look spookily real, but the male one, Charlie, freaks me out. They really need to work on the face on that one. Standard male dolls are $7000.

From there it just got creepier with a girl doll made to look like a real glamor model (no males). Then at Mechadoll a picture of the 'girls' hanging on storage hooks (no males). I retreated into the pretty Japanese versions which don't freak me out as much (still no males).

Then I left the world of semi-realistic silicon for the inflatable men. Pure comic releif. The main thing I learned? Kudos to Madelynne Ellis for writing a book that made realistic sex dolls seem cute and cool. Because the websites that sell them really don't give off that vibe at all. I suspect that if I had a spare $7000 I might think of something better to do with it. At least until they do something about Charlie's face.


Jennifer McKenzie said...


Amanda Young said...

Those dolls are creepy.

Stacia said...

There was a TV special over here about guys who have "relationships" with their Real Dolls. It was at once fascinating and utterly repellent.

Anne D said...

Here's part of the show - this guy was really creepy, there were other guys on the show that didn't have this creep factor (in fact one, that I understood his motivations perfectly and another who's mother had done that boy wrong!)

I can't seem to find the whole thing - I watched the whole program on youtube a few months back but this is all I've found so far

Stacia said...

Ohh, Anne, I remember the guy with the mother! Yes, that was definitely ubercreepy.

Haven't watched the clip yet--is this the guy who sent his RD to be repaired during the course of the show, and started crying that she was going to be gone?

Teddy Pig said...

So that's who makes those Changeling Press covers.

kirsten saell said...

Teddy you are bad! *snicker, snicker*

Madelynne Ellis said...

There's an episode of Japanorama which features loads of stuff on Japanese sex dolls, and some of the guys who collect them are seriously freaky. As in shelves full of plastic wrapped body parts and favourite heads!

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Reality is frequently disappointing.

They really do need to work on the male dolls.

Anne D said...

December - no it's not that guy. It's the guy with like 5-6 of them shoved in boxes in his garage. The guy who sent his away for her 'treatment' was the one guy, who, as odd as he might have seemed, I understood what his real doll meant to him.

The guy in the link I posted was the one who told his girlfriend. He's just an ass.