Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the road again--veinglory

I often see writers saying how they must have this or that to write, music, absolute quiet, ergonomic seating, scented candles. Psychologically I can see the point. Making association between sensory cues and writing can help you instantly get into the right frame of mind and emotional state. As soon as you are seated with all your thingamebobs Pavlovian conditioning should ensure that the creative mood will hit.

That said, there is also something to be said for being able to write anywhere that you have access to a keyboard or a pen. Here I am on the road again trying to slip a few words here or there at airports and hotel rooms. I am in a hotel with a view of the car park and a loud refrigerator conversing with an even louder heating system. And I am now cutting short my blogging time to try and get some progress on my latest and languishing book. But let me ask: do you have any rituals for your writing time? Do they seem to help?

I will also throw the floor open to ask you all what you think I should be blogging about when I get home and have more time to do some research and write something a bit more in depth. New presses? Co-ops? The PODding of ebooks and how different presses approach it? Anything you have been wondering about?


Treva Harte said...

Sorry -- I am now down to working only two jobs along with taking care of an elderly mother, a son with disabilities and the rest of the family. So having time to sleep (that's the time where my brain ponders my story apparently) and being able to get up and write - preferably as early as possible before all hell breaks loose--is about the limit of my needs.

kirsten saell said...

Just not being surrounded by people who constantly want to converse is helpful. A TV is good, too, with one of those sitcoms I find amusing but have already seen once or twice so I can mostly ignore it.

Comfy chair.

Coffee or something with booze in it, depending on whether it's before noon or after. ;)

veinglory said...

I get funny looks because I like to have my coffee with Starbucks coffee liquer in it ;) But it's good.

Anonymous said...

I find having a mood soundtrack for a project helps get me into the right headspace regardless of what's going on in "real" space.