Saturday, March 08, 2008

Um, Robin Hood--veinglory

Do you know an anthology I would like to see? Erotic romance takes on Robin Hood. Robin Hood is a totally hot character. I know I am drifting a little from the usual kind of thing I do on this blog but I am curious. Which Robin Hood do you think is best?

a) Jonas Armstrong

b) Kevin Costner

c) Errol Flynn

d) Michael Praed

e) Douglas Fairbanks

f) Patrick Bergin

g) The Fox

h) Wishbone

i) other (do tell)

Although, to be utterly honest I am more of a Will Scarlet fan myself (bookverse that is, he never gets good casting).


Anonymous said...

The fox. My first media crush.

But at the end of the day, I'm a Flynn fan. Carey Elwes works too.

Anonymous said...

Jason Connery played Robin after Michael Praed's Robin died. Both were kinda hot.

Anonymous said...

No contest: Michael Praed.

With Richard Armitage's Guy of Gisburne and Alan Rickman's Sheriff of Nottingham.

Hot Sauce Reviews said...

Before "erotic romance" is officially a genre (subgenre?), Gayle Feyrer wrote "The Thief's Mistress" which turns Robin Hood into a sexual character and Maid Marian into a not-at-all maidenly assassin/spy. Alas, I think Robin in that one is completely upstaged by the delicious Guy of Guisbourne.

I think Jonas Armstrong makes the most handsome Robin Hood. Ican't get over how cross-eyed Michael Praed can be at times but I find his Robin Hood the best one of the bunch. The current Robin Hood remake with Jonas Armstrong is too emo for my liking.

veinglory said...

I kinda had a preteen thing for the fox too :)

Teddy Pig said...

Errol Flynn of course, he was having an affair with Tyrone Power and even his first wife Lili Damita fully admitted he liked the occasional man in bed.

He was also hung like a horse as reported by David Niven in his book.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, we didn't need David Niven for that report. I figured it out all by myself watching Captain Blood.

But the big hands. The big laugh. The wildly manic grin as he fights... Oh yeah.

Barbara Sheridan said...

Errol gets my vote. I've been his fangirl for ages.

Always had a bit of a thing for Basil Rathbone & David Niven too.

Jules Jones said...

Martin Potter, in the BBC's 1975 production The Legend Of Robin Hood. Which is now available on DVD, to the great delight of fans of the very slashy bathtub scene with the Sheriff and King John.

The Sheriff in that one was played by Paul Darrow, who was the physical model for Sir Guy in "The Thief's Mistress" -- the book is an avatar novel, and some of the characters are inspired by the BBC sf show "Blake's 7", which itself was partly a reworking of the Robin Hood legend.

(This comment brought to you by SadFangirls-R-Us.)

Unknown said...

Richard Green was the Robin Hood of my 50s youth and thusly the "right" RH ;-):

I'd love to see an anthology based on classic characters: Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday, etc. Merry men, indeed.

Katrina Strauss said...

I am torn between Wishbone (What's the story? Woof!) and that sexy pageboy cut of Fairbank's...

Okay seriously...Praed's got the pretty hair. And the fox, well what better creature to embody the sly cunning ways of the Prince of Thieves?

Anonymous said...

Errol Flynn for Robin, hands down.
Alan Rickman for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

(And I confess that I like Christian Slater for Will Scarlett myself)

Mari said...

Yep, Errol all the way.

And another Robin in the movies: Richard Todd (

Barbara Sheridan said...

*high five to azteclady* Rickman was the a wonderful Sheriff of Nottingham. Errol IS Robin in my mind always and forever. ^_^

Jules--please consider this my application for membership in SadFangirls-R-Us. I swear I feel more fangirlish about some things now than I did when I was a teeny-bopper.

I met a gal at a concert a year or two ago (attending to fangirl over Japanese rockstars and she suggested the moniker Mature Fan Ladies)

Katrina Strauss said...


"Mature Fan Ladies" that a nice way of saying "Dirty Old Women"? >;)

~ Kitty

Jules Jones said...

Alan Rickman as the Sheriff was the thing that made that film worth watching. It really is a bit sad when there's far more chemistry between the heroine and the villain than between the heroine and the hero. :-) I know several people who like watching it on DVD rather than videotape so they can skip what they call the Robin Wood bits. :->

Bella G. said...

Micheal Pread- is was the hotest Robin Hood..loved that version of RH...