Friday, March 21, 2008

Would you submit to an un-named 'epublisher' off craiglist?--veinglory

And I quote:

"A new website is seeking romance novels! The concept is simple: we post half the book in serial form (one chapter or so a week). If consumers like it, they can buy the rest of the book. You get cash upfront, plus a % of the sale, and more importantly a chance to build up the audience/hits for you as a writer.

We are seeking NON X-rated, but steamy romance stories where each chapter ends with some 'cliff hanger' or enticement to get the reader to want to come back next week for the next chapter. The story could be anything, as long as it is romantic, sexy, and a page-burner read!

Thank you!

Compensation: $200 for the manuscript if accepted. Plus 5% of all sales of the balance of the book. (Example, if 25,000 people love your book, and pay $20 for the 2nd half, you'd get 5% or $25,000.) "

So: $200 plus [cough] 25,000 sales x [cough] $20 =$25,000. Let's just pretend we find that plausible. A standard epublisher deal of 35% of $8 would be $70,000 (skipping the advance).

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