Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Your 'thing'--veinglory

As readers we all have things we like. Feel like sharing yours? Any you have real trouble finding?

For me it is MM with guys 50 and over. That's right, I'm into the silver foxes. Why is MM erotic romance topping out at 49? I mean look at these guys!

Good men are like fine wine. They just get better. I am curious can you match the ages? (53, 54, 54, 58, 67, 70)


azteclady said...

I don't know about the edges but YUMM!!!

Mrs Giggles said...

Speaking of men of a certain age, I find myself fascinated by Harvey Keitel. I actually sat through Holy Smoke just to get my fix of him. I know, it's so embarrassing. I blame The Piano.

azteclady said...

Oh man, yes, he's sooooo good in The Piano. I smiled every time he showed up during National Treasure.