Friday, April 25, 2008


You may notice the EREC website is looking a bit pared back right now. I am simplifying the design in advance of some reorganising and a new look. The new look with have sales and other publisher reports on separate pages. The color scheme will stay mainly black and white but with a new logo and pictures (my ugly sketches are just place keepers) using vivid blue and magenta. You should be seeing some early drafts of the new logo in due course. For a while the article and cover spots will be down but they will be replaced as I go over to the new design.

If you have been an ongoing participant in EREC and consider yourself part of the team please drop me a line. What I mean by that is that you have done something for use (5 or more blog posts, an article series, coordinating an activity) and intend to remain involved in the future. I just need to hear from you, get a new cover and link and make a few plans for the future. revamping the website is a good opportunity to update the team list and job descriptions. And by 'remain involved' I don't necessarily mean more than one or two activities a year. If you haven't been involved, but might like to, please get in touch also. I am always looking for bloggers but could also use a secret shopper wrangler, anyone with good css/xhtml skills, someone to transfer our articles to pdf (they will be made available in this form from now on) and just general volunteers.

If you have volunteered to be a secret shopper please just hang in for a while. I will be getting back to you. I normally float an idea, see if there is interest, and then sit down and sort out the details. This is what I am doing right now. I should be in touch some time next week. I also still haven't made the promo postdards. I will probably hold off until I have the new logo to put on the reverse side. So, generally speaking of you have suggestions, criticisms, request ideas or anything--now is probably a good time to mention it. The changes will be phased in gradually as I get time.


Jamie said...

Even though I suck and didn't post a blog yesterday, I'd still like to remain involved. School is finally over forever, and so maybe, just maybe, I'll actually have time to do things I want to do.

Also, were you still looking for somebody to check out the epubs and find out if they go to print, and their policies? I started doing that when you first mentioned it, but stopped because I had schoolwork...of course, now I can't find the list I started, which means all my hard work was for naught.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I didn't realize I was in the Jamie account. That previous post was me.