Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Mind Me--veinglory

In breaking news almost none of you will care about, it looks like the little known but often slashed late-70s-early-80s TV sci fi series Blake's 7 may be remade. Ah, Blake's 7, where the Federation is an evil empire, the hero's only team up out of enlightened self interest and a lack of better options, and they all die at the end. Gotta love the British and their perky optimism.

In the opening episode our hero Blake is prosecuted as a child molester on trumped up charges that they brainwash him into almost believing. But things only really get interested for me when he teams up with sarcastic computer-geek-with-a-sexy-sneer-and-a-bad-haircut Avon. Avon was my first little girl crush. He had sarcasm to die for and his costumes weren't quite as awful as the rest. Really, I want some of whatever the designers of those outfits was taking. Blake's 7 also had one of the most deliciously evil, campy, sexy female villains ever in the form of crop-topped Servalan who manage to wear female drag while actually being a female, and make it look good. Not to mention that Servalan and Avon had a very strange pseudo-romantic relationship that certainly gave me something to ponder in terms of just what fictional romance was, or could be.

Do I have a point? I guess it is just SQUEEEE! And feel free to share your own early girl crush characters and what you liked about them. I will leave you with a few of Avon's better lines.


Merry said...

I loved Avon, he was my favourite character. I think it was because he had so many good lines. The compilation in the video brought back lots of happy memories!

Jules Jones said...

I'll believe it when I see it. This project has been on again off again for the last few years, and has been very good at generating heavily spun press releases.

Avon was my crush as well. And the subject of rather a lot of my writing. :-> But I suspect that I win the sad fangirl competition, being the proud owner of an actual BBC costume from the show.

Anne D said...

Oh hell yeah!!!

the one and only time I made to to Great Britain I SWEAR I saw the guy who played Avon in the airport. Hubby didn't see him, and told me I was seeing things. But that guy, with that stoic face isn't hard to mistake!