Thursday, April 10, 2008

EREC First Line Contest--veinglory

Here is a wee contest for all you published and unpublished authors out there!

Send me a first line from your published book or manuscript. Send an email (to ERECMAIL AT GMAIL.COM ) with the subject line: FIRST LINE ENTRY. In the body of the email list the first sentence only of your book (if published) or manuscript (if unpublished) along with your manuscript title and pen name. I will accept up to 50 entries in each category. Entries will remain open for at least a week and until at least 10 entries have been received in each category (edited to add: by which I mean published and unpublished sections).

The line will be posted anonymously (without the manuscript title or pen name) for visitors to the blog to vote on which line most intrigues them to read further. The winner in each category will a $20 Barnes & Noble gift certificate.

Any questions?

[entries so far: published: 2, unpublished: 2]


JMS Books LLC said...

What are the categories?

veinglory said...

It is entirely open. The only judging criterion will be whether it is a first line that makes you want to read more :)

I am separating published from unpublished works but everything else will be in together and all genres and lengths of fiction are allowed although obviously I expect romance and erotica to predominate :)

Chloe Devlin said...

Is there a limit to the number of entries by one person?

veinglory said...

For now let's limit it to one. If there isn't a big demand I'll open it to more.