Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Linky Goodness--veinglory

I really think it's getting to me, all this erotic romance. On Ebay I saw a book THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC and I read it as THE SIN KING OF THE TITANIC. Then I was confused because that didn't really make much sense. Anyway. It's busy at work, I have been given an office (no more cubicles for me!) to move into, I have edits everywhere and this blog is suffering from the comment equivalent of bed death ;). So you are stuck with some random links that amused me today. Please say hello. I get lonely [sob].

1) Victoria Strauss -- Precautions for Small Press Authors
2) State moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles (Truck nutz)
3) Borg My Little Pony
4) And oldy but a goody. Whatever Happened To... -- finds out what happened to those authors who haven't published anything new for a while.
5) Naked Hippie On A White Horse
6) Colossal Squid
7) Antique HAMILTON BEACH VIBRATOR 1902 ~Rare & Complete
8) The UK Year of Reading Youtube video. I see some romance in there, didn't spot any erotica.
9) Best beer for your book?
10) A book entirely written by cutting words and phrases out of magazines.
Bonus Round) Cute animals, always good.


kirsten saell said...

Hello. Don't be lonely. I still love you, Emily.

Rue said...

Hi Emily! Hope you get some time to relax.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily. Do you know why vibrators were invented? :-)

veinglory said...

As I recall it had a lot to do with medical bizarreness about 'hysteria'. The bind moggles.

Kerry said...

I freaking HATE those bull testicles dangling from the rear of trucks. Hate!

Thanks for the links. And hi! :)