Monday, April 28, 2008

May Promo Push?--veinglory

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be testing out some ebook promotion ideas in May and invited you to join me. The basic idea was to pick two of your own ebooks and keep one as the control and promote the hell out of the other one. Below I show the sales of the two books I have selected. There is deliberately no scale. I wouldn't expect anyone else who takes part to declare their actual sales so I won't do it either. The red line is the book I will be promoting and the blue is the control book.

Now, due to some unexpected bills my plan to combine online and paid methods had to be changed. Instead I will be using entirely free online methods, but trying to do something promotional every single day in May. Obviously these won't be 31 completely different promotional methods but I thought I could try several different types of a range of methods such as link exchanges, sig lines, press releases etc. In fact if you know any kinds of online promo to try, please comment here with your ideas. Because this approach will phase in the methods over the month I will probably bring in the methods in May, and leave them in place for three months to see if any effects build up over time.

If you are interested in trying your own promo experiment please let me know. My day by day discussion of this whole month of promo will be reported on my personal blog. If you pop over there you can see which book I am going to be promoting and some advance signs of the methods I am trying--although nothing will really be going until May 1st. I will point all the promo back to my blog so I can track traffic throughout May as well as look at sales at then end of the month.

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