Friday, April 18, 2008

The More Things Change--veinglory

Celia Hart asks: where did the market come from for erotica and erotic romance? To which I reply... come from? Even limiting myself to just my own bookshelf I don't see much evidence that this is a new phenomenon.


Jamie said...

The best thing about grad school was all the erotica we read in the guise of Important Literature. Hell, our prof even warned us with comments like, "Yes, this is literature you read with one hand."


Anonymous said...

Look at those cool old covers! Looks like you have quite a collection. As for your topic, I think it's true what "they" say -- there is nothing new under the sun. ;-)

RD Solange said...

"He was tough enough to take his woman from an island of angry men"

That's all kinds of awesome right there.