Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On Making Recommendations--veinglory

So, I am thinking that the next PLIST update will involve having recommended publishers. I even have some ideas about how to go about choosing them.

But first I would like to throw it open. Leaving aside the issue of the actual presses in question... what type of press should be recommended, and on what basis? Keep in mind the only actual data I have is what is on other websites, sales figures and the happy-ometer.


Mya said...

Things I look for in a good publisher are:

1> a management team/staff = someone in charge of finances, someone in charge of promos, someone in charge of updates, someone in charge of designs, etc. I like the comfort of knowing that there is more than one person (who is not overwhelmed) handling the various aspects of the business.

2> regularly scheduled payments = are the authors getting paid on a regular (monthly basis).

3> direct contact between editors and writers via personal email rather than forums.

4> beautiful, classy covers that look like candy, they are so scrumptous.

5> being in an environment where authors are encouraged to write the next book and where more than just a chosen few are making good sales.

Teddy Pig said...

I like what Mya said so I'll go focus on one aspect not yet covered...

6. Decent, attractive, well organized, functionally built, and promotion intensive website.

*My test questions*

Do all the latest releases show nicely right on the front page of the ePublisher website?

Is the website functional for the sight impaired?

Are all the author names hyper-linked to their own BIO page and listing of books?

Are all cover pictures clearly text and alt labeled for sight impaired and also hyper-linked to the book's sales page?

Does the author BIO page show all their books and series from that ePublisher or do you have to click around the site to get series information, single titles, author information etc etc etc just find the author's other books?

Are the ePublisher's categories uniformly based on industry standard definitions and easily understood?

Do the individual category pages show the latest releases first or are they listed in some arbitrary manner?

Can you buy the book directly from the same information page it is listed and described?

Is there a coming soon page? Does it show cover art, author, series information, blurb and link to Author's page?

*Even the best ePublishers will currently fail these tests.*