Thursday, April 17, 2008

On topic, off topic and what topic?--veinglory

Most annoying quote of the week. A man who used 13 minutes of computer time and 12 cent's of electricity to create computer compiled books from internet sources says he might do computer-constructed romance next, because "There are only so many body parts." I hope some of the medical writers scavenged by his algorithms get their teeth into some of his more tender body parts.

Thanks to new archive you can now see Darwin's handwriting here. Do any of you have hand written outlines, manuscripts or character pictures to share? I would love to see them.

Hmmm. "Twenty books later, Holt cracked the New York Times Best Seller list in March and has earned herself the title “Queen of Erotic Romance,”... I have a question, who decided she had that title? Because if I was going to crown anyone the name would probably start with ... well, who would you pick? I mean at least Tina Turner had Beyonce call her the "Queen of Soul" rather than self-coronating (although I'm with Aretha on that one). Am I wrong on the crown being self-bestowed? Please let me know.

At Piers, and by direct report, it seems that Dark Castle Lords don't require artists to buy the Lordy art. But is seems they do sometimes require (rather than permit, or allow) payment for advertising. I remain interested in sales figures for this press as so far it looks like it would take... well, let's just say a long time, to earn a $100 share in a print ad. Meaning that authors might effectively not be paid in terms of net profit?

Finally I must say that after years of skepticism I am starting to be more convinced about the bad ides for Ellora's Cave. I do not think they are in serious trouble as a business. But with 8 releases a week and sales that really do seem to be slipping they look to be in danger of losing their front runner status. Add to that their print books are fast vanishing from stores--go check your local store and count EC books versus say Samhain, you may see what I mean. In fact if you get a chance to do this please let me know the figures.


Stacia said...

Queen of erotic romance? Um, Angela Knight? Jaid Black? Hell, I'd even put Thea Devine or Bertrice Small up there first, and I know there's a ton of other names I'm forgetting too because my mind is fried from edits.

Anonymous said...

As far as print EC vs Samhain, I was in my local Borders this weekend (Greenbelt MD mall) and saw about 2 dozen EC books and not a single Samhain in their erotic romance section (they actually have a section for it, not just mixed in with romance in general). The majority of the books, however, were Brava and Aphrodisia and some Berkley Heat's thrown in. So, at least in my local bookstores, Samhain has zero placement while EC has a good bit.

Karen Scott said...

There aren't any EC books in my local Borders at all, Samhain only has a few, but they do have some, and this is England.

Cheryl Holt gave herself the title, I'm not sure how her books even count as erotic romance, because really, they aren't.

Queen of erotic romance? Lora Leigh. Like her or loathe her, her books sell like hotcakes.

Jamie said...

Interesting, Fae. Every time I go to Borders, I see a crapload (that's a scientific measurement by the way) of Samhain and Loose ID, along with EC.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of a crap little store in a crap little mall, Pepper, maybe that's why there's less variety of publishers. Next time I'm down in DC I'll make it a point to see if it's different in a bigger store.

veinglory said...

I did a quick count at my local Borders and found 4 Ellora's Cave, 8 Samhain... and 14 Red Sage (all Secrets anthologies).