Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reasons not to like Amazon--veinglory

It took me a long time to finally stop supporting Amazon as a customer and it is still a tentative process. I fully support that everyone makes their own choices and I certainly don't object to some my publishers making my books available through Amazon, although I would equally support them if the chose not to. But the pattern of behavior at this retailer seems to me to be increasingly grandiose and objectionable.

* The suppression of reviewer Reba Belle. Reviews critical of a new age healer who makes false claims to be a "Quero Apache ceremonial elder" have also reportedly been suppressed. Their review system in general is manipulated to allow authors to review their own books anonymously and suppress review they don't like through a 'clickies' campaign voting them unhelpful until and automatic system deletes them.

* The attempt to make POD publishers use their in house printer, Booksurge.

* Their ridiculous attempt to patent one click purchasing.

* Their lawsuit against the feminist "Amazon Bookstore" despite the fact they had been using that name since 1970.

* The fact they do not list their toll free customer service number on their site, and do not even have a toll free number of their associates program but require you to make a toll call.

* Their sale of arguably illegal animal fighting videos. Note, the amazon system is so automated they don't seem to notice the use if the tag 'boycott amazon' to identify these materials. Personally I think speech should be protected even in this area, but video material and pictorial magazines directly depict contemporary criminal acts and seem to allow people carrying them out to profit from them.


Rue said...

Thanks for the information, Emily. I have strongly disliked Amazon for a while now.

JMS Books LLC said...

Of all the reasons you listed, the animal video one gets me the most. I'm going to do my best to downplay or remove the Amazon links from my sites. Thank you.