Sunday, April 13, 2008

Seeking Secret Shoppers--veinglory

I am interested in hearing from people who might be willing to act as an ebook 'secret shopper'. I am looking for a few people who are fairly regular readers of erotic romance ebooks and are not authors or aspiring authors. I would ask you to buy a book of your choice from a particular publisher, and then fill out a short survey about the shopping experience and what you thought of the book (survey to be filled out within three months of purchase). In return we will reimburse the cost of the book up to $15 and post your experiences anonymously to this blog. I would hope that secret shopper experiences might be informative for both customers and authors in seeing how a press is seen by a typical customer. If you are interested please email me at veinglory at If you would like to suggest which publishers we should look at first please post a comment here.

Edited to add: I have a couple of volunteers. But if you are really keen and in a different time zone I can make a note of more volunteers for later. Now I really need some suggestions about which presses to try, perhaps focusing on some of the new publishers on the scene?


Anonymous said...

Good experiment, E--you're always doing something cool over here. I'm interested in the results.

Anonymous said...

I'm Laurie Sanders, CEO at Black Velvet Seductions. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I'd love to have Black Velvet Seductions "shopped" as I'd love to hear what readers think about our site and our check out process.

I think it is always easy to see things from our own perspectives. Navigating through our site and through our purchasing process seems easy to me, but then, it would. I designed the site and I know how it works, how the pages fit together...and since I do, I can't really look at it objectively.

I think this is a very cool idea.
I would love to have Black Velvet Seductions "shopped." I believe that the experience on our site is a positive one...but if an objective party is confused or finds it troublesome in some way, getting that feedback would be very helpful to me as it would allow me to see and fix any troublesome spots.

Great idea!
Laurie Sanders
Black Velvet Seductions

veinglory said...

We have a volunteer :)

Anonymous said...

Emily, did you get my email? I'm thinking it went to spam or something :/