Friday, April 11, 2008

Taking the High Road--veinglory

I have always been fairly dismissive of the idea that the ongoing series of implosions reflects badly on epublishing or erotic romance as a whole. However over the last few days I have now seem Highland Press referred to, several times and quite explicitly, as an e-publisher ("a small Tradesize press"--less than half of their are books available as ebooks) and at least once as an erotic romance press ("We're accepting submissions from every genre except erotica"). The logic seems to be that if a small press is going down the tubes to the sound of hysterical ranting and annoying Muzak, it must be an erotic romance epublisher?

If you missed the whole Highland/DeborahAnne MacGillivray saga, you can catch up here (in chronological order). But then, you might have something to better to do with your time....

April 7th
* Playing the Amazon Game, or Gaming the System?
* Highland Press Warnings (Dear Author)
* Highland Press Warnings (UFL)

April 8th
* Heiliger Mist!
* And The Fucktard of The Week Goes To…Deborah MacGillivray!

April 9th
* Drama, drama, drama
* Author, Deborah MacGillivray Seems To Have Lied About Her True Position At Highland Press…

April 10th
* Another kick in the guts from e-publishers

April 11th
* Of Pineapples and Bananas
* People Who Need Boundaries

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Caitlyn Hunter said...

Sorry--I was one of the ones that made the mistake of calling Highland an e-publisher. No excuse except laziness--I should have done a little more research on them. I've edited the entry. Thanks for calling it to my attention!